Scheduling, Supernatural and Shows.

I’m still suffering with some reading struggles at the moment, so I don’t have a book review to post today unfortunately. I just don’t feel like I have enough time to read lately and it sucks. Nevertheless, it’s blogtober, so I couldn’t leave you guys without some kind of blog post. As a result, today I am going to do a life and blog update kind of post because I don’t do those particularly often.

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My Top Five TV Shows for Halloween.

Surprisingly, I don’t discuss TV a lot here on driftinglexi, but I do actually watch a lot of it. For a little change I decided that today I would talk about TV, but with a Halloween spin on it. This means I am going to show you my top five TV shows to watch around Halloween, so this post is going to contain a bit of horror, a bit of fantasy and five TV shows close to my heart…

Note: these TV shows are mentioned in no particular order.

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Review: A Courtroom of Ashes by C. S. Wilde.

a courtroom of ashesA digital copy of A Courtroom of Ashes was kindly sent to me by the author herself in exchange for my honest review.

A Courtroom of Ashes follows Santana Jones, a lawyer, who owns a very curious mirror. Satana’s soul is dragged through the mirror into the world of Death by an evil spirit who belongs on the other side and now she has to find a way to get back to her body before the evil spirit creates any more damage and wreaks havoc on the living world.

I really liked this book, in fact, I even included it in my June Favourites. Wilde’s writing is easy to read, gripping and really enjoyable.

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Happy Halloween!

“Every Halloween I missed being a kid, getting to dress up and eat tons of candy. The only thing I got to do now was…eat tones of Candy. Not half bad” – Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Lately there have been no shortage of posts relating to Autumn, but one thing I never mentioned was my love for Halloween. This may be a strange thing to say coming from someone who hates dressing up. However, I love horrors and thrillers and the supernatural whether this be movies, TV shows, or books.

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October Favourites.

“October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins. O autumn! O teakettle! O grace!” – Rainbow Rowell.

October has been a very exciting month for me, so not all of my favourites are going to be physical things. However, I do still have a few favourites in addition to things I have done this month which have made it special.

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Supernatural Convention: Asylum 15.

“Family don’t end with blood, boy.”

At the weekend I attended a Supernatural convention known as Asylum 15 which took place in the UK, more specifically, in Birmingham. The event was run by Rogue Events and I have attended a few of their conventions in the past, so I kind of knew what to expect in advance.

A great deal of people I know have never been to a convention before, so I am going to describe it as best as I can. The people who run the event book guests for the convention and these guests tend to be actors from the show the event is dedicated to. For example, this convention had guests from the TV show Supernatural and the event presented as many opportunities as possible for us to interact with them. This included stage talks (Q&A’s), photos, in-person autograph signings and meet and greets. Of course, all of this comes at a price, so things such as photos, meet and greets and extra autographs come at an additional cost to your ticket.

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Back to the Future Day.

back to the future“Marty McFly: Where are we? When are we?
Doc: We’re descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.
Marty McFly: 2015? You mean we’re in the future?
Jennifer: Future? Marty, what do you mean? How can we be in the future?
Marty McFly: Uh, Jennifer, um, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I… you’re in a time machine.
Jennifer: And this is the year ‘2015’?
Doc: October 21st, 2015.” – Back to the Future Part Two.

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Supernatural Inspired Nail Art.

“This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that’s barely out of it’s  diapers. I’m old, Dean. Very old. So, I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you.” – Death.

By Supernatural I am referring to the TV show. I am a big fan of this show and it’s characters as well as the actors who play them. Last week signalled the start of the new season, season eleven, and this weekend I am going to a Supernatural convention here in the UK called Asylum 15. As a result of this, I decided that this week I would create a couple of Supernatural nail designs.

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Review: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill.

the woman in black“For I see that then I was still all in a state of innocence, but that innocence, once lost, is lost forever.” – Susan Hill.

The Woman in Black is a horror story, a ghost story. I reviewed another book by Susan Hill a while ago, Printer’s Devil Court, which I had found disappointing as a ghost story, but I still had high hopes for The Woman in Black because it is well-known.

The Woman in Black is about Arthur, our narrator, who is sent to Crythin Gifford because of his job. Here he notices a woman in black. He encounters this woman again when he has to visit Eel Marsh House and Arthur becomes intrigued at the mystery surrounding her as well as the mysterious happenings within the house and in the marsh.

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