Review: Pottemore Presents Short Stories by J. K. Rowling.

It’s the month of Halloween! I can easily associate Harry Potter with almost any time of the year, but especially Halloween. For starters, there are the glorious Halloween feasts at Hogwarts and it is the anniversary of Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday. However, the most significant part of Halloween in relation to Harry Potter is that it marks the sad death of Lily and James Potter and the day Harry became the boy who lived. As a result, with the recent release of new stories from the Wizarding World, this month is the ideal time to post my reviews.

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September Book Haul 2016.

September Book Haul 2016.jpg

Last month I didn’t do a book haul because I was on a book ban which I successfully stuck to. However, I couldn’t stay away from Waterstones forever and so this month I did do a bit of spending. In total I bought eleven books this month, although two of them I actually forgot to include in the photo above and the other three are ebooks.

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