Eden’s Semilla: 100% Pure Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil.jpg

I recently received Eden’s Semilla 100% Pure Jojoba Oil and have been using it for the past two weeks. This is a completely honest review of the product and if you like the sound of the product I will leave a link at the end to where you can buy it.

Eden’s Semilla‘s Jojoba Oil is a 100% natural and organic product with a close resemblance to human sebum which we naturally produce through our skin glands. As a result of this, it is incredible as a moisturiser, not only for your face, but your skin, hair and nails. Due to it being all natural this product is suitable for those with sensitive skin, as well as those with dry and combination skin types.

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Lipstick Love: Work Edition.

Lipstick Love Work Edition.jpg

Lipstick Love is a feature on this blog in which I share with you all my love of lipstick by showing you my favourites. Technically, these aren’t all lipsticks, some may be lip glosses, for example, but they will all be lip products which I love. This was a fortnightly series back in January and February, so if you missed my previous posts they can all be found here.

I work in an office and I start work at 6 am, so nude lipsticks are a must. I mean, it would look a bit alarming and over the top to walk into the office at that time in the morning with a bright lipstick, right? On the other hand, I don’t want my lips to be bare! When I started this job I quickly learnt that not just any nude lipstick will do either, it needs to be moisturising because the air is quite dry. So, here are my top five favourite lipsticks to wear to work:

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