Summer Empties.

Summer Empties.jpg

Over the summer I used up a lot of products, so this is going to be a mega empties post full of beauty, skincare, body care and also haircare. I am going to try not to ramble too much and keep things brief to prevent this post from being any longer than it needs to be, so let’s dive straight into my big pile of empties.

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MOTD: September 2016.

MOTD_ September 2016.jpg

I haven’t done a Makeup Of The Day post in ever so long and now that we’re getting into Autumn I feel that there is no better time. Autumn is the season full of my favourite kinds of makeup looks; gold/bronze/copper eyes and dark nudes and berry lips.

Since we’re still only in that little transitional period between Summer and Autumn right now, I haven’t started going full on with my dark and bright shades of red and purple toned lipsticks just yet. However, I have recently discovered this gorgeous brown-y nude shade that everyone has been donning lately with the 90s trend and I have finally jumped on that bandwagon and love it. However, details on this lipstick will come later…

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Products I’m Trying to Finish.

Products I'm Trying To Finish.jpg

As someone who is constantly on the look out for new makeup launches and who has an ever-growing makeup collection, I become eager to test them all out. However, I hate having lots of the same types of products on the go at once, especially if they are in fact good products, or products I’ve spent a bit of money on, so in order for me to open my new products, I have to use up my old ones. In today’s post I am going to talk you through a few items I am currently most eager to use up whether this be because I don’t like them, or to simply make room for new ones.

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June Favourites 2016.

June Favourites 2016.jpg

I have been doing favourites posts for a whole year now, which means I need to start putting years in the titles so that posts don’t get mixed up, ha. This also means that I have been blogging about beauty for approximately a year now; time just goes so fast. Enough of that though, let’s get into my favourites for this month:

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What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag?


Welcome to Day Two of Disney Week! Today I thought I would share with you all the makeup products I am taking with me to Disneyland Paris.

I don’t know about you, but I am someone who likes taking my makeup with me on the plane. I mean, it’s fragile; last thing I want is a powder to shatter or a broken/leaking bottle of foundation! Not to mention the fact that some of the products I own are expensive. Although, thinking about it, I’m not actually taking much high end makeup with me on this holiday.

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Lipstick Love: Reds.

“She oozes the kind of over-confidence that only comes to people who wear deep red lipstick and sparkly tissue sarees in bright daylight.” – Aditi Mathur Kumar.

Lipstick Love is a feature on this blog in which I share with you all my love of lipstick by showing you my favourites. Technically, these aren’t all lipsticks, some may be lip glosses, for example, but they will all be lip products which I love. This is the fourth instalment in this series, so if you missed my previous posts they can all be found here.


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Lipstick Haul: NARS and Kiko Milano.

Lipstick Haul.jpg

“I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature, to be a woman who paints her nails while shouting at Question Time.” – Sali Hughes.

Originally, I was going to name this post Feeding my Addiction, but I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression. You see, the addiction I am referring to is the obsessive need I have to constantly buy lipstick. I am now the proud owner of sixty two lipsticks.

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