Christmas Wishlist 2016.

I love making lists, so I thought a good way to start off blogmas this year would be with a Christmas Wishlist! I made one last year and a few of the items I luckily and gratefully received, but it’s been a whole year which means there have been a lot of new product releases as well as discoveries of older items which I am lusting over, so an entirely new list is necessary.

In last year’s wishlist I began being really specific and as I got further into my list it became more vague, so I will hopefully do better this year…

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Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist #2.

Approximately one year ago I created an Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist. Looking back on that wishlist a year later I realise that some of those palettes I do not even want anymore and one of them I in fact now own, therefore it is due an update.

In the past twelve months new palettes have been created and discovered and while my own collection has grown considerably this past year, I am always keen to make room for more beautiful palettes. Similar to the original post, I am going to share my five most wanted eyeshadow palettes and again it will be in no particular order.

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Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow.jpg

These past few weeks I have totally fallen in love with Benefit‘s Creaseless Cream Shadows. It started with one, then before I knew it I had purchased two more and I have intentions of buying a fourth. As is the case with a lot of the things I love, once I find something I then end up buying it in every colour and fortunately, they are available in a lovely range of shades.

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July Favourites 2016.

July Favourites 2016

July has been a really good month in terms of discovering new favourites. There are lots of products you can see pictured above that I have absolutely fallen in love with this month and I also have a couple of objects not pictured…

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June Favourites 2016.

June Favourites 2016.jpg

I have been doing favourites posts for a whole year now, which means I need to start putting years in the titles so that posts don’t get mixed up, ha. This also means that I have been blogging about beauty for approximately a year now; time just goes so fast. Enough of that though, let’s get into my favourites for this month:

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Top 5 Beauty Products Under £5.

Top Five Beauty Products Under 5.jpg

We all love to save money where we can, but when it comes to makeup we also want products we can rely on. As a result, I have created this post to share with you all a few of my favourite beauty products, each of which are less than £5.

As you will see from the photo above three of five of these products are eyeshadows, so I’m going to space them out a little so it’s not too overwhelming which means that the first product I am going to talk about is going to be one of these eyeshadows…

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What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag?


Welcome to Day Two of Disney Week! Today I thought I would share with you all the makeup products I am taking with me to Disneyland Paris.

I don’t know about you, but I am someone who likes taking my makeup with me on the plane. I mean, it’s fragile; last thing I want is a powder to shatter or a broken/leaking bottle of foundation! Not to mention the fact that some of the products I own are expensive. Although, thinking about it, I’m not actually taking much high end makeup with me on this holiday.

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