Daily Blogging in June.

Yes, you have read that title correctly. I am planning on blogging every single day in June. This may be surprising because I have been publishing fewer posts lately and not exactly at my regular pace, but I miss posting so often and I’m starting to feel more inspired again.

Every couple of months now I’m going to have themed weeks on my blog. In April I had a Collab Week and next week I have an exciting Disney Week planned! For those who didn’t read my last update post, I am off to Disneyland Paris next week. Obviously, I can’t take you all with me, so I thought I would share the Disney joy with a week of Disney related blog posts instead.

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Disney and Nail Art Wednesday.

These don’t come around too often, especially on a Wednesday, but today’s post is a chatty, update kind of post.

Where is Nail Art Wednesday? I imagine well, I like to think you’re asking.

Well, Nail Art Wednesday is going on a little break. It is really difficult to keep up with creating, painting and writing about three nail art designs a week which all fit together under a theme. Arguably, I could just post one design a week, but it feels too little, plus you all said in a poll a month or so ago that three was the ideal amount of nail art designs you would like to see per post.

Also, sometimes I just have no ideas for nail art designs. Or, I’ll have an idea, but I paint it and it comes out an utter mess, so I’ll actually end up painting five designs a week, but only half of them are actually good enough to show.

I still love painting my nails but with a full time job, other blog posts I need to write, books to read and review and friends I try and see about once a week, it is really difficult to find the time to plan, research and create nail art designs. As a result, I am going to relax a bit and not get so obsessed with always having a pattern on my nails. I don’t want to give myself a deadline and say that Nail Art Wednesday will be back on a specific date; I’m going to let inspiration find me because I am feeling really uninspired right now despite my efforts.

If you enjoy my Nail Art Wednesday posts, perhaps you haven’t yet seen them all, so they can all be found here. Or if you’d rather skip the reading you can visit my nail art gallery.

Now, Nail Art Wednesday isn’t the only thing I wanted to chat to you all about. On Friday last week my best friend and I booked a holiday…


This time in five weeks we’ll already actually be there, it’s so exciting. I’ve already gotten a bit obsessive with my planning, but hey, it’s good to be prepared and I love being organised. I’m trying not to go too overboard because some things you just can’t plan for and I don’t want to give us certain times to get things done by as I don’t want us to end up stressing out about things we have still yet to do.

I’m hoping that I will be able to be just as organised with my blog by getting some posts scheduled for while I’m away. I’m thinking of making it a Disney Week, so if there are any Disney related posts you’d love to see do let me know!

In case you’re not aware I do have YouTube and while it is very beauty focused I’ve decided that I’d really like to vlog my Disney trip, so make sure you’re subscribed to me on there (link will be below) to be notified of when it is up!

I think that is everything to update you all on for now, I hope you are all well and I’d love to hear in the comments if you have been to Disneyland Paris and what your favourite rides and places to visit there are?!


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