My Top Five TV Shows for Halloween.

Surprisingly, I don’t discuss TV a lot here onĀ driftinglexi, but I do actually watch a lot of it. For a little change I decided that today I would talk about TV, but with a Halloween spin on it. This means I am going to show you my top five TV shows to watch around Halloween, so this post is going to contain a bit of horror, a bit of fantasy and five TV shows close to my heart…

Note: these TV shows are mentioned in no particular order.

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TV Favourites for October.

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As you can see, I have just sorted an account on Bloglovin’ and connected it to this blog. I’m not entirely sure how this site works yet, but I think it basically means that if you are reading this and have a Bloglovin’ account you can follow me on there in order to stay up to date with all of my blog posts and therefore you don’t necessarily require a WordPress account to follow me.

Now, let’s get onto what you’re all here for: my TV favourites for this month!

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