Christmas Inspired Nail Art #5.

Last year I shared with you all plenty of fun and creative nail art designs, perfect for the festive season. This year I have decided to continue with this, although I won’t be producing as many designs as last year and this year’s Christmas nails were not created by my hand either. I went to my nail technician with some Christmassy ideas, and this is what we came up with…

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Autumn Leaf Inspired Nail Art.

With autumn being my favourite season, I couldn’t not showcase some extremely autumnal nails at this time of year. The weather may have taken a turn for the worse and is feeling a bit more wintry, but nonetheless, November is still autumn and my current nail design suits the season perfectly.

Autumnal colours, autumnal objects and even an autumnal animal can be found in this week’s Nail Art Wednesday design…

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Halloween Inspired Nail Art: Part Three.

Halloween is less than a week away!

Obviously, I have to have Halloween themed nails over Halloween, so yesterday I went to the salon and had them done especially. I have done some nail designs for Halloween using regular nail polish, but I wanted gel overlays for actually over Halloween so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them and they would last. It would also mean that I could have some Halloween designs that I would not be able to replicate myself.

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Halloween Inspired Nail Art: Part Two.

Last year for Halloween I posted a few nail designs on my blog, so this year I decided to do the same again, but obviously with different designs. Also, all the designs for this year are in black and white, unlike the slightly colourful mixture of last year’s, so no dripping blood this year, or Frankenstein’s, but hopefully you enjoy these designs nonetheless.

A couple of the designs in this post are actually inspired by some of my favourite Halloween movies and if you’d like to hear more about what my favourite Halloween movies are you can click here. In the meantime, let’s get into the nails!

My first design probably doesn’t stand out straightaway as being Halloween themed, so I suppose it’s a more discreet option for those of you who don’t want to go too wild for the occasion. So, these are my Beetlejuice nails, inspired by the film:

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Autumn Inspired Nail Art.

As an autumn lover I obviously had to bring back Nail Art Wednesday for a few weeks to cover the autumn/Halloween period – that’s right, there’s some Halloween nails in the pipeline too! – so, naturally, let’s start with some autumn inspired nails. Unfortunately, I do have fewer designs to share today than the norm as I got distracted by all the Halloween designs for later this month.

Last year I did some Autumnal Nail Art too, but not all the designs necessarily went to plan. The standout design in that post was my Falling Leaves design which just turned into a terrible and weird mess. So this year, I decided to go a bit simpler with my leaf painting…

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Summer to Autumn Nails.

We’re currently in the transitional stage between summer and autumn, so when I went to get my nails done last week I opted for some nails which would reflect that. As eager as I am for autumn and to be able to justify buying lovely jumpers and scarves, I can’t hide that I’ll miss the warmer weather. Of course, living in the UK, the weather is nothing to brag about, but we have still had a handful of really nice, sunny days here and there.

For my nails I kept things very warm with some orange and gold shades and while the orange is quite bright, it is slightly on the darker side of the orange spectrum, therefore making it appropriate as we move into autumn. I was also eager to go for a more orange set of nails because a) I kept things quite void of colour last time and b) orange is a shade I very rarely reach for in almost all aspects of my life. I do love orange, but it’s not a colour that crops up a lot and when it does, it’s often very vibrant.

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Marble and Glitter Nails.

I am still getting my nails done every few weeks, so it’s time for me to show you what I currently have on my nails. Life is feeling rather hectic at the moment, so being able to have my nails done is such a huge relief because they can look pretty with minimal effort on my part, plus I don’t have to worry about my nails breaking. I also find that having strong gel nails enables me to do things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do… like opening drink cans, haha.

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LUSH: Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter.


Welcome to Day Three of LUSH Week!

I really hope you are all enjoying the LUSH themed blog posts this week, especially because today I have a new one! For the most part I am trying to pick products from different areas of the LUSH store and therefore different types of products. We’ve had a bath bomb, we’ve had some skincare and now let’s focus on those hands, or more specifically, cuticles!

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Summery Green Nails.

I’ve had my nails done again! I really haven’t been feeling creative enough lately to paint nail designs myself, but I have been really enjoying creating them in my head and getting my nail technician to do them, especially when she has so many more different shades of colour and glitter available as well as different tools. Furthermore, it’s such a relief having my nails done because I always have gels which last so long and I do not have to worry about them at all!

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Nail Art Through the Years.

I have been doing nail art for approximately three years now. Throughout the past year on this blog I have been sharing multiple nail designs weekly (until more recently anyway). However, there have been some nail art designs I’ve created that I’ve struggled to fit into a category, or I’ve just struggled to post a photo of because they look so bad. So, for today’s post I have decided to reveal these nail designs to you, year by year, and hopefully as the post goes on we’ll see some improvement.

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