Barcelona | February ’17

I promised a blog post on Barcelona months ago, but here it finally is on my new blog –

Ventures With Loz

Earlier this year I visited Barcelona, also known as the City of Counts, or the City of Gaudi. Having visited briefly once when I was younger, it wasn’t actually one of my first choices for holiday destinations, but I am so glad my best friend and I decided to visit this beautiful city because we did so many things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. We spent four days here and we both loved every second of it, so I thought I’d share what we got up to.

Day 1 –

First up, our hotel was stunning and is easily one of the best places I have ever stayed abroad. We stayed in H10 Port Vell which we fortunately managed to get a great price for, the staff were so helpful and the hotel as a whole was gorgeous and well situated.


We arrived at our hotel quite early so…

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Review: The Travelling Companion by Ian Rankin.

the-travelling-companionNear the end of last year I started to get into a slight panic that I wouldn’t achieve my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2016. This thought was even more disappointing because a month previously I had lowered my reading challenge from 75 books to 60. As a result of this, I knew that if I wanted to reach my challenge for the year I would need to find a short story to read.

I usually only read short stories if one has been released by an author I love, or if it goes with a series I’ve enjoyed. Outside of this, I’ve always struggled finding short stories I’m interested in when visiting the bookstore, but shortly after Christmas I made a trip to Waterstones and this book caught my eye. I loved the style of the cover and I loved that fact the book was red, so I just bought it without knowing anything about it.

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Christmas Inspired Nail Art #5.

Last year I shared with you all plenty of fun and creative nail art designs, perfect for the festive season. This year I have decided to continue with this, although I won’t be producing as many designs as last year and this year’s Christmas nails were not created by my hand either. I went to my nail technician with some Christmassy ideas, and this is what we came up with…

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Day to Night Makeup | Christmas.

Day to Night Christmas Party Makeup.jpg

With Christmas around the corner I have been itching to try out some festive make up looks and I was quickly inspired by to create something bold and sparkly. In today’s post I am going to be transitioning a neutral makeup look from day to night, so that no matter the time of day, or what you’re doing, you can be Vegas ready with a festive spin, so whether your Christmas parties are in Vegas or not, hopefully it’s a makeup look we can all wear.

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Christmas Wishlist 2016.

I love making lists, so I thought a good way to start off blogmas this year would be with a Christmas Wishlist! I made one last year and a few of the items I luckily and gratefully received, but it’s been a whole year which means there have been a lot of new product releases as well as discoveries of older items which I am lusting over, so an entirely new list is necessary.

In last year’s wishlist I began being really specific and as I got further into my list it became more vague, so I will hopefully do better this year…

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Autumn Empties 2016.


I have been equally bad at staying on top of both my favourites and my empties these past few months, but I have so many wonderful things to share with you guys that despite the fact I have so many products building up, I am still determined to share everything with you all.

Due to the fact that empties are simply empty products I know I will no longer have any use for, I decided to begin getting on top of these kinds of posts by filming an empties video because not only will it free up physical space in my bedroom, but in video format I will be able to get through each of the products so much more quickly and concisely whilst still being informative.

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LUSH: Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb.

IMG_1311.JPGIt’s the weekend before Halloween and therefore the last of the LUSH Halloween posts! I thought a bath bomb would be a great way to end the Halloween range, so I saved this little monster for last.

This is clearly the cutest monster you’ll ever encounter in it’s mixture of blue and pink with a hint of green on the inside. Why am I explaining when I can show you with the copious amounts of pictures I took…

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Orange Eyes and Dark Lips | Halloween.


I love Halloween and while I’m not a big fan of dressing up and costumes, I do love applying makeup. As a result, over the weekend I did some experimenting with makeup to create this Halloween inspired look.

When I think of Halloween, several shocking colours come to mind including bright oranges and deep, dark purples, so those are the colours I focused on incorporating into this look. I had recently bought an orange liquid eyeliner with Halloween in mind and I have an abundance of purple toned lipsticks, so it was no mystery what way round the orange and purple would go…

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LUSH: Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar.


Other than bath bombs and a bubble bar, LUSH also released a shimmer bar as part of their Halloween range. I had already picked up all the rest of the Halloween range, so figured that I may as well add this to my basket, plus I loved the smell.

The thought of a shimmer bar didn’t really appeal to me at first, but it has definitely grown on me. I can definitely see myself reaching for this shimmer bar a lot throughout the Christmas season because it makes your skin ever so shimmery, as the name suggests, and the glitter basically gets everywhere.

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Lipstick Love: Halloween.


When I wrote my Lipstick Love post last week dedicated to autumnal lip shades, I realised that there are so many I adore that I would have to create another Lipstick Love post. This time I am focusing on Halloween and I’ve included shades that are on the darker end of the spectrum which would be ideal for both Halloween and autumn in general, as well as some more brighter and unusual shades which I would strictly use for Halloween.

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