Wandering between the world’s of books and beauty…

About driftinglexi:

Driftinglexi consists of a mixture of books and beauty. On the book side, this includes in-depth and spoiler-free (unless specified otherwise) book reviews roughly once or twice a week and book tags and challenges. Meanwhile, in terms of beauty it can mean just about anything from nails to makeup looks, favourites and empties and even focuses on particular products. As a result, driftinglexi drifts between the blogging world’s of books and beauty as I could never choose between the two.

About Lexi:

Hair cutLexi is a pseudonym. In reality, my name is Lauren, something I don’t mind sharing now that I’ve had this blog for a while, plus driftinglauren just does not have the same ring to it.

I am twenty years old with a love for reading, especially young adult fantasy books and thrillers. However, I am also trying to branch out to different genres so I hope to be able to write reviews on a variety of books.

I hope that there is a little something for everyone on this blog and please feel free to follow me on here, Twitter, Instagram, GoodreadsBloglovin‘, Pinterest and YouTube.

– driftinglexi

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