Right, I haven’t been around here for a while (sorry!), but I want that to change.

I have missed my blog, but the past few months I have found it tough to post on here for a number of reasons;

  • Firstly, I’ve been lacking the drive. I feel like all my posts are the same kind of thing, a repeated cycle of favourites and empties and a load of book reviews thrown in.
  • My blog name has really put me off persisting with this blog. I still love the name driftinglexi, but the name is so separate from me that I no longer feel right using it. I need something unspecific, or it needs to have my real name in it.
  • I generally just haven’t had the motivation or energy to post outside of work. I’m hoping that starting anew will help create some motivation and energy though.

A key phrase in that last point is “starting anew” and this brings me to my announcement…

I’ve created a new blog!

I’ve blogged on driftinglexi for approximately two years and I’m so proud of all I’ve done with it, but I feel a fresh start is for the best. I’m not going to make any crazy commitments like I have in the past, for now I’m just going to aim to post weekly, preferably on Sundays. This means new posts and maybe at the start a few older ones from this blog, just so that I can keep a few of my favourites in the same place.

I would absolutely love it if those of you who have enjoyed any of my posts on this blog will join me over on my new one. Expect a lot of the same types of posts on beauty, books and even some more frequent ones relating to travel and if there’s anything more specific you’d love to see, do not hesitate to let me know!

My new blog is called Lip, Lit and Loz A.K.A. Lipstick, Literature and, well, me! This new name covers all the bases I love: beauty, books, and anything else I may want to post about including travel and anything else to do with my life, and this time the title even has my name in it!

Please do join me over on my new blog – hope to see you there! 



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