Barcelona | February ’17

I promised a blog post on Barcelona months ago, but here it finally is on my new blog –

Ventures With Loz

Earlier this year I visited Barcelona, also known as the City of Counts, or the City of Gaudi. Having visited briefly once when I was younger, it wasn’t actually one of my first choices for holiday destinations, but I am so glad my best friend and I decided to visit this beautiful city because we did so many things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. We spent four days here and we both loved every second of it, so I thought I’d share what we got up to.

Day 1 –

First up, our hotel was stunning and is easily one of the best places I have ever stayed abroad. We stayed in H10 Port Vell which we fortunately managed to get a great price for, the staff were so helpful and the hotel as a whole was gorgeous and well situated.


We arrived at our hotel quite early so…

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