Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

scarletMy progress with The Lunar Chronicles is evidently slow, but I’m getting there. After really enjoying Cinder, I couldn’t wait to move onto book two, but upon starting Scarlet and the realisation that Cinder was no longer the only main character, I did lose a little interest. I was still eager to read the book, but having to get to know another character when the only story I was actually interested in was Cinder’s was a bit off putting.

I did eventually grow to like Scarlet’s character, I was just more intrigued on the parts of the book that focused on Cinder. However, I did really enjoy this sequel. Naturally, I preferred the first book, but I still found this book enjoyable and I liked how it was laid out with the switching perspectives and how at the end they came together when the two main characters met.

I realise that I have just jumped straight into a review of this book without any kind of overview, but just so that this is addressed, due to Scarlet being a sequel, I wasn’t planning on writing a brief description of the novel as a way of avoiding potential spoilers for the first book in the series.

All of the new characters we encounter throughout this book I found to be brilliant additions to the story and I pretty much loved them all (within reason). My favourite, and I am sure that this isn’t an unpopular opinion here, is probably Thorne. I did like Scarlet, but I can’t help but compare her to Cinder and end up preferring the latter.

As previously mentioned, I enjoyed the switching perspectives. Cinder’s story still takes place alongside the new story of Scarlet and there is a pretty even focus on the two of them. I feel like this was carried out really well with enough events happening within each alternate of perspective because the stories never got confusing and it was always easy to pick right back up from each person’s view.

Despite my slow start, I did really get into  this when I properly gave it some of my time and then I feel that I flew through it pretty quickly. Overall, I have rated this 5/5, same as what I rated Cinder, and I cannot wait to start reading the third book in the series.

Have you read any of The Lunar Chronicles? What did you think? Which book in the series is your favourite?


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