I’m Still Here…

Hi All,

It’s been quite a while since I sat down and wrote a proper blog post. It’s roughly been two months, although in between there have been a few book reviews. I had actually intended to write more book reviews, but I’ve been more interested in picking up my next book lately than writing full reviews. Not only that, but I haven’t exactly read anything that’s blown me away, therefore I didn’t want the only posts appearing on my blog to just be books I feel a bit meh about.

The shortage of blog posts these past couple of months is due to multiple reasons. Firstly, I’ve been somewhat lacking in motivation. I’ve wanted to write and had so many ideas for blog posts that I want to do, but I have just had no energy to sit down and type them out. Secondly, there’s time. I work full-time and while I never used to struggle with working 35 hours a week and posting loads, I am now. I don’t know if it’s just the later hours, or the fact I’m just more tired after work, but it doesn’t leave enough time and energy for blogging.

My third reason fits a little with the last one because I just don’t feel like I have time for everything. I want to read loads,  I like to read 1-2 books per week, but I feel that isn’t achievable if I want to regularly blog as well. So I suppose, I’ve been trying to stock up on books a lot these past two months so that I can focus more time into the blog knowing that I will have lots of books ready to write about.

I know I don’t exactly owe an explanation for my absence, but it helps me to be able to say why I haven’t been blogging, because I still do love it. I’m going to try and be more active, especially when I have so much I want to post. I went on holiday last week to Barcelona, so I’d love to share my adventures there with you all, plus I do have quite a few books to share and there are so many beauty products that I’ve just been waiting to rave about to you all once I get the chance.

Please do keep an eye out for more posts – beauty ones, book ones, and even expect to see more travel ones this year – and I will try my best to get back into a nice routine because I miss this.

I hope you have all been well and I hope to be able to interact more with everyone again.


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14 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

  1. Chanelle says:

    It’s nice to hear from you and like you say you don’t owe anyone an explanation. I’ve recently taken on more hours at work too so I know where you’re coming from. As long as you’re happy that’s what matters xx

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  2. julietbailey980 says:

    I’m with you all the way on this blog post! It’s so hard to find the time and energy to blog sometimes after a day at work plus all the other life stuff that needs fitting in. And like you, I don’t like putting reviews up for books I wasn’t that bothered about and would rather wait until I’ve read something I really want to share the love for.

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  3. stashy says:

    It’s always a challenge to juggle everything in life, and sometimes competing priorities take precedence. It’s nice to see an update from you – post as often or as little as you like! 🙂

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  4. thatssojacob says:

    No need to apologize. You are you, you do you, and sometimes there’s just nothing quality to post. I’ve been having that for a while, with some months having posts in the single digits, depending on mood, weather, busyness, or just what’s going on in my life that doesn’t need to be shared. Anyways, stay strong. Just dropping by to wish you a happy Sunday, come over and visit when you get a chance!

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  5. NaomiEdge17 says:

    Bless you for writing this post but you don’t need to aologize, also I can sympathise/understand! I haven’t posted due to lack of motivation and just general busyness! I always find it better to write when you feel you have something you want to write about though, hope that helps!

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