LUSH Christmas Favourites 2016.

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Christmas is always an exciting time and especially so if you’re a LUSH lover like myself. I already had a rough idea of what the collection contained before it was released back in October, but even so, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Christmas products. Now that they have been out a little while and I have had the opportunity to try them out myself, I thought I would share with you my favourite products from the range out of those I have tried.

My first favourite is one of their new lip scrubs called Sugar Plum Fairy.


It is this gorgeous shade of purple and is so lovely and sweet. I love the LUSH lip scrubs and because they are so effective at exfoliating your lips and making them lovely and soft, plus they come in various scents and flavours making them not only pleasant smelling, but pleasant tasting. While I had also recently bought one of their lip scrubs, I couldn’t resist buying one of their Christmas ones and I have made a rather large dent in it already from using it once a day.

My second favourite is a bath bomb, of course, there are plenty of these in this post! The one pictured below is the Father Christmas bath bomb.


This was one of my favourites from last year’s Christmas range so I was thrilled that they brought it back for 2016 and it still remains one of my favourites; it definitely deserves a spot in my top three Christmas bath bombs. I love how deceiving it is with it’s white and pale red colouring in solid form, but when you throw it in the bath it turns your bathwater a stunning and very festive shade of green, plus it feels lovely on the skin too by making it wonderful and soft.

Since I mentioned having three favourite bath bombs from this year’s collection, I’ll tell you about another one of them next. Another of my favourite bath bombs is similarly from previous Christmas collections and this is the Golden Wonder bath bomb (which photographs wonderfully if I may say so myself).




Alike to Father Christmas, Golden Wonder is a little surprising if you’ve never used it before. It’s a big golden and sparkly bath bomb shaped like a present, but in the water it explodes in a beautiful variety of colours, overall going a pretty shade of blue with flecks of gold glitter.

This next bath bomb is not a part of my top three, but I did still really enjoy it because of it’s sweet and fruity scent! This is Never Mind the Ballistics:


Since I haven’t mentioned any bubble bars yet, I reckon it’s time to give some praise to some of the lovely bubble bars of this year’s Christmas collection. Unfortunately, I am not sure where my bubble bar photos have gotten to at the moment, but I’ll do my best to describe them.

My first favourite bubble bar is again, famous from previous collections: Candy Mountain. Quite simple with it’s mountain shape and stripes of white and pale pink, but it has a delicious sweet smelling scent which makes it a must buy every Christmas. And speaking of past Christmas bubble bars, I am slightly disappointed that Bar Humbug didn’t make a comeback this year as I enjoyed it so much last year!

My second favourite bubble bar is Snowie. This one is new this year and it is a white bubble bar in the shape of a snowman and inspired by David Bowie. It is cute to look at and creates wonderful bubbles in the bath, plus I feel like it gives the water more moisturising/softening properties, haha!

This year we saw the return of Northern Lights which we unfortunately didn’t have in last year’s range, but it is known from Christmas’ before that. Northern Lights is a bath bomb and a very vivid and colourful one of those!



As you can see, the main colours of this bath bomb are bright shades of blue, purple and yellow. It is so pretty watching the bath bomb fizzing away and producing these stunning colours, but more interestingly, is the colour the water turns overall. At first the water looks rather dark and not very much like a colour, but if you look closer you can see layers of green, purple and blue in the bath as the water spreads out to the edges of your bathtub.

However, despite it’s rainbow like colours, Northern Lights didn’t earn a place in my top three bath bombs. The third bath bomb, which possibly even sits right at the top of the list, is Shoot for the Stars. Now this one was brought back from last year, but they did make a few changes to it so it is quite different. I really love both bath bombs, though I think this year’s is slightly better simply because of how incredible it makes your skin feel and that amazing shade of blue.


I found this bath bomb slightly difficult to photograph, but wanted to include them anyway. Also, is it me or does the second photo of this bath bomb remind you slightly of Van Gogh’s Starry Night?

Pretty unsurprisingly, my final two favourites are also bath bombs. What can I say? LUSH sure know how to make a good Christmas bath bomb! This next one is So White:


Like the case with Shoot for the Stars, the So White bath bomb was different last year. It was white on the outside, but a bright pink on the inside. This year, as shown above, it’s more blue/green/yellow. This makes it more fun and interesting to watch; however, I actually think I preferred last year’s version because I recall it being softer on my skin. Nevertheless, the colours in this bath bomb are absolutely stunning and I still do love it.

The final bath bomb and Christmas LUSH product I have to share is the Star Dust bath bomb. This one proved very difficult to photograph so I decided to just provide a photo of it in it’s solid form.


If I am honest, I was not very keen on this bath bomb when I first tried it last year. Saying that, I feel that it has been improved this time around! This time when you launch this bath bomb into the bath, you get a lovely little bit of blue (similar to the shade of Shoot for the Stars) and loads of mini, colourful stars like confetti in blue and red and yellow which I loved watching floating about (and trying to catch, ha).

So those are my favourite LUSH products out of those I’ve tried thus far from their Christmas collection this year!

What are your favourites?


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