LUSH: Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb.

IMG_1311.JPGIt’s the weekend before Halloween and therefore the last of the LUSH Halloween posts! I thought a bath bomb would be a great way to end the Halloween range, so I saved this little monster for last.

This is clearly the cutest monster you’ll ever encounter in it’s mixture of blue and pink with a hint of green on the inside. Why am I explaining when I can show you with the copious amounts of pictures I took…





I’ve really enjoyed every single bath bomb in this year’s Halloween range; they were all absolutely stunning in the bath and distinct from one another providing us with a lovely variety, plus they all made your skin feel beautiful and soft.

Overall, from the Halloween bath bombs I do find it hard to pick a favourite, but I have saved the Pumpkin bath bomb to use on Halloween night. Saying that, I also adore the colours in Autumn Leaf and the gorgeous berry shade that Lord of Misrule ends up when it’s all fizzed away.

Which bath bomb is your favourite of the Halloween range?

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