Halloween Blog Posts.

I love Halloween, but I cannot promote my Halloween blog posts all year round and there isn’t enough time around Halloween to post all the Halloween blog posts that I want to. As a result of this, I thought it would be nice to share some previous Halloween blog posts I have written which you may have missed.

Also, I would love it if you would leave in the comments links to your favourite Halloween blog posts on your own blog or someone else’s for me to have a little read!

I am going to separate these posts into the three main categories of my blog: books, nails and beauty…


the woman in blackFor Halloween last year I decided to pick up Frankenstein to read – this year I’m reading Dracula – and I posted my review of it here. Honestly, I wasn’t that fond of the book, but it is a well known classic that many others have enjoyed, so you may find it worth a look.

I haven’t read that many horror or ghost stories, but out of those I have read my favourite is The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, so if you’re looking for a chilling Halloween read I recommend this one, plus it isn’t very long so afterwards you’ll have time to watch the movie! Check out my book review here.

halloween nails 2Nails:

You may have noticed this week and last week I posted Halloween Inspired Nail Art Parts Two and Three. Well, what about part one?

Last year I did several Halloween nail designs which you can check out here; they’re very different to this year’s designs! And, if you haven’t seen this year’s designs, you can find part two here and part three here.


Now I cannot admit to having many beauty related Halloween blog posts. I did write one last year with a very purple based makeup look which you can check out here.

However, I really enjoyed the makeup look I posted earlier this week as I was a bit more creative with my eyeliner than I usually would be. I’ve included a picture of this look to the right, but you can view the full post here.

Those are all my Halloween blog posts, but also, on the topic of Halloween, don’t forget that my giveaway ends Halloween evening! For full details on what you can win and how to enter click here!

Also, don’t forget to leave links to Halloween blog posts for me in the comments!


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