Halloween Inspired Nail Art: Part Three.

Halloween is less than a week away!

Obviously, I have to have Halloween themed nails over Halloween, so yesterday I went to the salon and had them done especially. I have done some nail designs for Halloween using regular nail polish, but I wanted gel overlays for actually over Halloween so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them and they would last. It would also mean that I could have some Halloween designs that I would not be able to replicate myself.

It took me ages to decide what designs I wanted on my nails, so in the end I chose ten different designs, one for each nail, but I kept them all with the same colour scheme of black, white and orange, so they wouldn’t look too random. Saying that, even with a colour scheme I had a lot of difficulty picking designs, I basically kept throwing my hands at my nail technician like “do whatever you want, you choose”. I have always been really happy with nail decisions she’s helped me with in the past, so I knew I could trust her judgement, plus, I’m sure she gets indecisive people like me all the time.

So, yeah, the nails!



I love how these turned out, they look so spooky! The designs I have are:

  • Jack O Lantern
  • Spider Web
  • Gravestone
  • Bats
  • Ghost
  • More bats
  • Black cat
  • Creepy eyes
  • Dangling spiders
  • Skulls and crossbones.



All of these designs were created through stamping and sometimes a black sharpie was used to touch up the black on some of the prints.


Which design is your favourite?


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