Lipstick Love: Halloween.


When I wrote my Lipstick Love post last week dedicated to autumnal lip shades, I realised that there are so many I adore that I would have to create another Lipstick Love post. This time I am focusing on Halloween and I’ve included shades that are on the darker end of the spectrum which would be ideal for both Halloween and autumn in general, as well as some more brighter and unusual shades which I would strictly use for Halloween.

Let’s begin with one of the more unusual shades, or rather, the most unusual of the lot…

Urban Decay Time:

Earlier this year Urban Decay launched their Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. I jumped straight onto the website and the lipsticks were selling out fast. I wasn’t sure on the reds because I already owned so much red lipstick and in the end I opted for the blue.

This is certainly a unique lipstick to wear, therefore making it perfect for Halloween with it’s mermaid blue colour and metallized finish making the lipstick shimmery. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear this much, I mean what occasions are there where blue lipstick is appropriate? But hopefully for Halloween I’ll be able to figure out a look to wear it with because it is a stunning colour (swatches at the end of the post).

MAC Smoked Purple:

This is the darkest lipstick shade I own and it appears so dark on the lips. Smoked Purple also has a matte finish which makes it even more harsh if you have a pale skin tone, which only makes it more perfect if you are opting for a dark, gothic look for Halloween. However, I do also love this for autumn too and will sometimes mix it with a red toned lipstick to make a more wearable dark berry shade.

MAC Sin:

Another kind of dark shade, but also not as dark as Smoked Purple. This is somewhat similar to Diva by the same brand except it’s a bit darker with more of a purple undertone. I didn’t own this lipstick last Halloween so I am so glad that I am able to wear it this year!

Colourpop Avenue:

Recently, I made a Colourpop order which I wrote about here. The standout shade in terms of colour selection is Avenue, a stunning, bold and dark red. This has automatically become my favourite red for autumn, plus it is ever so long lasting.

I remember a couple of summer ago I went on a search for the perfect dark red lipstick without any pink or purple undertones and this is certainly it.

L.A. Splash Hypnotized:

I thought a bright orange lipstick seemed rather relevant to Halloween, don’t you think? And it most definitely stands out amongst the shades I’ve already selected for this post.

I’ll be honest, I never actually intended to buy this lipstick, there was a mix up when I made my order. I was allowed to keep this lipstick in the end, although it’s not one I get a lot of wear out of. Saying that, Halloween is the perfect time to get wear out of lipsticks you wouldn’t usually put on, hence why I’ve chosen it for this post.


As you will see above, I’ve swatched all these lipsticks in the same order as they have been mentioned.

Which one is your favourite?

What lipstick are you wearing this Halloween?


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