Goals for the Remainder of 2016.

As exciting as it is with all the blogtober and Halloween posts floating about at the moment, the end of 2016 is also rapidly approaching. I’m not one to usually make a lot of goals for myself, but I feel like I really need to sort myself out in some ways at the moment. As a result of this, I’ve decided to create a list of things I would like to have achieved, or just simply do by the end of this year…

  1. Get properly back into reading. I’m currently 26 books away from reaching my Reading Challenge on Goodreads, so that’s still quite a way to go which means I really need to step up my game, even if I’m just reading short stories.
  2. Get another ear piercing. Piercings are funny things. You get your ear stabbed once and it becomes addictive, you want it done again and again and probably again and again.
  3. Sort out my blog schedule. By this I don’t mean my posting schedule, I mean my writing schedule. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the past two weeks very few of my posts have actually been published on time (6pm BST), so I really want to get on top of that. Hopefully, this will be easier in November as I won’t be daily blogging.
  4. Make some progress towards my next tattoo. This could be anything such as talking to a tattoo artist, booking in, or even actually getting it done. I just really want another tattoo, so I want to make some progress towards making that happen.
  5. Put some more work into my nail course. Remember that thing? I properly started it in about February and finished all the theory work, but then I got a new job which was full time and I no longer had enough time to work on the practical side of the course. So, I want to make some progress towards that which will hopefully be doable over the bank holidays around Christmas.

I reckon five goals is enough considering there is only approximately two months left of the year, so let’s leave it at that.

What goals are your trying to reach before the year’s end?


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8 thoughts on “Goals for the Remainder of 2016.

  1. sittingintheclouds says:

    Good luck! I’m really wanting my next tattoo so it’s time to find a similar pic and stare at it for 6 months and then decide if I still want it. However it’s been the one that got me into tattoos and I didn’t get it as my first one so yeah…really wanna get it done in the next year!

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