Halloween Inspired Nail Art: Part Two.

Last year for Halloween I posted a few nail designs on my blog, so this year I decided to do the same again, but obviously with different designs. Also, all the designs for this year are in black and white, unlike the slightly colourful mixture of last year’s, so no dripping blood this year, or Frankenstein’s, but hopefully you enjoy these designs nonetheless.

A couple of the designs in this post are actually inspired by some of my favourite Halloween movies and if you’d like to hear more about what my favourite Halloween movies are you can click here. In the meantime, let’s get into the nails!

My first design probably doesn’t stand out straightaway as being Halloween themed, so I suppose it’s a more discreet option for those of you who don’t want to go too wild for the occasion. So, these are my Beetlejuice nails, inspired by the film:

Beetlejuice tips

Basically, a french manicure with vertical black stripes on the tips. Pretty simple, but an effective and interesting way of mimicking Beetlejuice’s look, without the need to go all crazy with your hair and make up!

Continuing with the theme of Halloween movies we have my The Nightmare Before Christmas nails…


This is Halloween. This is Halloween.

Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.

Sorry, I cannot resist when it comes to this movie.

I’m also seeing a theme between Halloween movie characters and vertical black and white stripes…hm…

My final Halloween nail design is Spider Webs.

Spider webs.jpg

In the past I have always struggled with painting spider webs on my nails and this is clearly evidenced in last years Halloween designs. However, this year, well, I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the spider web, but they definitely came out so much better than they previously have done. I also painted these over a matte black nail polish which I think was a nice touch.

I hope you like my Halloween designs, which one is your favourite?


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