My Top Five TV Shows for Halloween.

Surprisingly, I don’t discuss TV a lot here on driftinglexi, but I do actually watch a lot of it. For a little change I decided that today I would talk about TV, but with a Halloween spin on it. This means I am going to show you my top five TV shows to watch around Halloween, so this post is going to contain a bit of horror, a bit of fantasy and five TV shows close to my heart…

Note: these TV shows are mentioned in no particular order.

Supernatural s10.png

My first Halloween favourite TV show is Supernatural, although Supernatural is generally one of my favourite TV shows anyway. However, what could be more appropriate for Halloween? Supernatural has it all! Demons, angels, ghosts, vampires, witches etc.

Not only that, but Supernatural also has its own Halloween special! For anyone interested this is Season Four, Episode Seven: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”.

Recently, I’ve actually been rewatching the whole TV series and I feel like I couldn’t have picked a better time to do so with Halloween approaching.


The fact that this one has the word “Horror” in the name makes it pretty clear that this is a good show to watch around Halloween. It’s creepy and scary and thrilling and each season is incredibly different so you can watch whichever one you want depending on what appeals most to you, or what looks more horrifying to you if that’s what you’re after. Personally, my favourite is season one, Murder House.

Of course, a new series of American Horror Story started a few weeks ago now, but I haven’t actually gotten into it myself. Is it good? I’ve been far too busy binge-watching Supernatural lately to focus on any other shows!

Bates Motel.jpg

A TV show about a psychopath sounds fitting for Halloween, right? This show deals with murder and mystery and it is incredibly thrilling. This TV show is another favourite of mine and what better time to start it than Halloween?

The Walking Dead.jpg

Zombies are definitely a favourite for Halloween, I mean it’s one of the easiest costumes to create, so why wouldn’t it be? Of course, in The Walking Dead we don’t call them zombies, but nonetheless, I wouldn’t want to come face to face with one.

We’re lucky in the UK this year because we will actually end up getting a new episode of The Walking Dead Halloween night (since we get it a day after the US), so I shall definitely be watching this show on Halloween itself.


Vampires! Another Halloween classic!

Also, another TV show with a Halloween special! Again, for those of interest, this is Season Two, Episode Six “Halloween”. However, similar to all the above TV shows, any episode of the series would be ideal for Halloween, but why pick one? Why not just binge an entire show?!

So those are my top five TV shows to watch around Halloween. What are your favourites?

What will you be watching this Halloween?

If you fancy hearing about my favourite Halloween movies you can check those out here too!


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