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A short while ago Colourpop were offering free international delivery over a certain spend for a limited time, so I jumped on this chance to make an order and bought a lovely handful of lip products. This includes their Lippie Stix, Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Matte Lip and today I am going to share my thoughts on them now that I have had the opportunity to try them out.

Lippie Stix:

I am actually surprised at myself because I was more interested in their Lippie Stix than their other products, but in the end I only actually purchased one. However, it is so tough picking shades when you can’t test them out and swatch them on your own hand and I didn’t want to get too many shades that looked really similar, so I ended up deleting a few Lippie Stix from my basket. Nevertheless, I still bought one and I bought the shade Grunge.

Colourpop describe Grunge as a cool toned plum brown with a matte finish. It’s that type of nineties shade that everyone has been loving this year and it is very similar to MAC Whirl. In fact, it even smells of vanilla too! There are slight differences in shade between the two products as while Grunge is cool toned I feel that it is a degree warmer than Whirl. By the way, all of these Colourpop lip products will be switched at the end of this post!

Obviously, I haven’t tried any other shades of the Lippie Stix so I don’t know if the formula varies between colours and finishes. However, I really liked this product. It’s quick and easy to apply, has a lovely vanilla-ry scent and lasts fairly well too, however if you are eating for instance, it will need topping up afterwards.


Ultra Satin Lip:

The next two lip products I bought were from their Ultra Satin Lip range. The first shade I bought was Dopey. I was actually torn between this and a similar shade of the Lippie Stix, but I loved the name Dopey as he was always one of my favourites of the seven dwarves, hehe. Colourpop define this as a dusty mauve shade and while it is a satin lip product, it does actually go semi-matte which I really like.

The second shade I bought was Frick N’ Frack which is called a rosy terracotta. This actually is a little similar to Grunge, except it’s much warmer and contains warm tones of orange and pink.

I was really impressed with the Ultra Satin Lip products. I didn’t have a lot of hope for them, but I really liked the colours when I was browsing the website. However, I adore these. The formulas are ever so pigmented and are easy to apply, plus they last ever so well on the lips, even through food. They also sit really comfortably on the lips and go on nicely and evenly.

Ultra Matte Lip:

When I ordered these, I wasn’t the most interested in the Ultra Matte Lips because I wasn’t the biggest liquid lipstick fan. Saying that, I did order three shades because I had also heard the most good things about this Colourpop lip product and I loved the colours and now I am incredibly glad that I did because I have gotten into liquid lipsticks a lot more lately.

The shades I bought were Beeper (a warm mid-tone taupe), Clueless (dusty mauve pink; this is quite similar to Dopey except with more pink in it and more matte) and Avenue (a deep yellow red).

I’ve really enjoyed wearing these three shades. Beeper is ideal for work, Clueless is perfect everyday and Avenue is stunning in the evenings. Similar to the previous product, these apply really nicely on the lips though I definitely recommend exfoliating beforehand. These dry down to a lovely matte finish, but don’t dry out your lips. They are also very pigmented and last extraordinarily well throughout the day.


Colourpop Lip Swatches.jpg

T-B: Grunge, Dopey, Frick N’ Frack, Beeper, Clueless, Avenue

Overall, I really love all of these products and definitely recommend Colourpop if you’re looking for new lip products. They have an excellent range of shades also with different finishes. The only drawback I have is the shipping if you’re outside the US, but if you can get it free or cheaper then I would definitely go for it.

Have you tried any Colourpop lip products? I’d love to hear about your favourites in the comments!


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