My Favourite Halloween Movies.


I know a lot of my posts have been late recently; it’s the combined struggle of having a new job and the challenge of blogtober, but today it’s late because I went out for dinner with my dad. This isn’t something I’d usually mention, but we went to a pub which was just so festive.

As soon as you walk in, Christmas hits you in the face and honestly, it made me want to leave. However, further in they have a wonderful Halloween display and even better: a stunning selection of Halloween cakes. You can currently see photos of them on my snapchat (driftinglexi), but hurry as come Friday evening they’ll be gone! The Halloween stuff reawakened my love of Halloween which, quite frankly, had only been lying dormant in me for about the previous twenty hours at this point. Regardless, this brings me to the topic of today’s post: my favourite Halloween movies!

I love Halloween movies and I’m going to say it now, this does not necessarily mean scary movies. In my opinion, Halloween movies are simply categorised this way if they reference Halloween or are in some way spooky. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any proper horror movies in my list, so perhaps I’ll leave those for another post…

In no particular order, my favourite Halloween movies are:

  • Hocus Pocus – a classic! Well, I say a classic, but horrifyingly, none of my best friends have ever seen this film. This will be rectified as soon as humanly possible.
  • Corpse Bride – Tim Burton and Halloween go together oh so well, so it’s hardly surprising that there are actually two Tim Burton films in this list.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – is it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? I say, both! This is a favourite for both holidays and another one of those classics.
  • Beetlejuice – weird and rather wacky, but I love it nonetheless and it is oh so suitable for Halloween.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I love this film, plus it’s a musical. However, it’s recently come to my attention that trying to explain this show to someone who has never seen it whilst making it sound appealing and not really weird is incredibly difficult.

Have you seen any of these films?

What are your favourite Halloween films?


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