Autumn Inspired Nail Art.

As an autumn lover I obviously had to bring back Nail Art Wednesday for a few weeks to cover the autumn/Halloween period – that’s right, there’s some Halloween nails in the pipeline too! – so, naturally, let’s start with some autumn inspired nails. Unfortunately, I do have fewer designs to share today than the norm as I got distracted by all the Halloween designs for later this month.

Last year I did some Autumnal Nail Art too, but not all the designs necessarily went to plan. The standout design in that post was my Falling Leaves design which just turned into a terrible and weird mess. So this year, I decided to go a bit simpler with my leaf painting…


Autumnal Leaves and Trees

One of my favourite things about autumn is seeing the leaves changing colours on the trees and eventually falling into a crunchy heap on the ground. As a result I’ve been eager to create a design which could reflect this and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Having dots representing leaves seemed to be a much better approach than trying to paint realistic leaves!

Aside from reds, oranges and yellows, more colours commonly associated with autumn are greens and purples. This next design is pretty straightforward, but I like the simplicity of it and I added on the green gem at the end onto the index finger because, well, the design felt so simple that I thought it needed a little something more.


This green nail polish I have used is one of my favourite shades of greens; I love it so much and it just feels so right in fall that I can’t help but break it out every year. If you read last year’s autumn nail art post (linked above) you may actually recognise this shade from one of the designs!

I’m sorry that I only have two designs for this post, I did try to create more, but I suppose Halloween excitement just got in the way. However, this does mean that I am well prepared for my Halloween nail post for Nail Art Wednesday next week, so I hope you all look forward to that. If, like me, you’re much in the Halloween spirit (boo!) you can find last year’s Halloween Inspired Nail Art here.

How do you like your nails in fall?


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