LUSH: Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar.


When it comes to LUSH products bubble bars are one of my absolute favourites. I love crumbling them under the tap, the fact that they can turn your bathwater different colours and that they have the ability to produce loads of bubbles!

When LUSH released the autumn/Halloween range at the end of September, I knew I had to have this bubble bar because it was the only one in the collection. I plonked it straight into the paper bag without even giving it a little sniff!


Sparkly Pumpkin is a bright orange bubble bar covered in golden glitter, so it is a slightly messy one to handle. However, considering after handling it you’re most likely crumbling it under running water, that probably will not be an issue.


When breaking the bubble bar in half I was actually a bit surprised at exactly how bright the orange colouring was. Nevertheless, I loved it and it turned my bath a lovely orange shade, although not as bright as in the photo!

This bubble bar may be smaller than other ones by LUSH e.g. The Comforter and Brightside (which I’ve written about here), but you can still get a really good amount of uses out of it. I think I used this for about 4-5 baths.

I did like this bubble bar, although it is a slight shame that it’s the only one they brought out for Halloween and if I’m honest, I have enjoyed the Halloween bath bombs a lot more. Regardless, this is a very autumnal bubble bar and perfect for the Halloween period!


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