LUSH: Don’t Look At Me Face Mask.


We’ve made it! This is the final face mask review!

Once this post is over, I will have officially reviewed all of LUSH‘s current fresh face masks. While I have certainly not fallen in love with all the face masks this brand has to offer, the process of reviewing them all has allowed me to discover a good handful of those which I love and will continue to buy again. However, I am going to do a proper overview post at a later point, so for today, let’s focus on Don’t Look At Me.

I have wanted to try this face mask for a while with its bright blue colour, so it’s actually surprising for me that this has turned out to be the last face mask I’m trying out.


We caught you looking. It was the rejuvenating mask wasn’t it? With cleansing lemon juice and scrubby ground rice, we don’t blame you!

I feel like this was a great mask to end my LUSH face mask reviews with because I have really enjoyed using this; it’s best to end it on a high, right? Now this blog post is actually going up slightly late, but just over a week ago I was offered a new job and the excitement and the sharing of the news ended up pushing this post aside. However, face masks are somewhat appropriate for October considering Halloween masks so it works well amongst my more Halloween themed blog posts.

I had been going through a slightly oily patch lately and since using this face mask I feel that any oiliness has cleared up and my skin is a lot more normal. I also found that the mask was pretty good at preventing breakouts from occurring and I loved how it was a little exfoliating thanks to the ground rice; I’ve mentioned it numerous times before, but I love exfoliating face products.

Using this face mask was certainly a fun and exciting experience too with its vibrant blue shade – I felt like a smurf! – and thin and wet texture making it quick and easy to apply, and not too messy either. Also, due to the consistency, you could really get a lot of use out of this product and so the face mask lasted for a long time with not a lot of it being necessary to cover the entire face.

Overall, I was quite happy with this face mask. As someone who doesn’t usually have oily skin which tends to lean on the dry side for the majority of the year, I cannot see myself repurchasing this much. However, if I am going through an oily spell I would definitely consider this mask.

Have you tried LUSH‘s Don’t Look At Me Face Mask?

What did you think?

What is your favourite LUSH face mask?


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