LUSH: Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb.


After greatly enjoyed LUSH‘s Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb and hearing all the excitement around Lord of Misrule, I couldn’t wait to try the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb myself.

In solid form, this bath bomb is an autumnal shade of green, so I was expecting it to turn the bath a bright green which would be both appropriate for autumn and Halloween. However, it doesn’t stay green for long…


I suppose it’s not too surprising considering you can see that the bath bomb is peppered with spots of pink and yellow, but naively, I expected the green to overwhelm those colours as a whole. I really should know better than that by now, shouldn’t I?

Upon releasing the bomb into the bath, it immediately began to fizz, released shades of green and later pink. As I expected, for the most part everything was green; however, as more pink was released the water ended up changing into a gorgeous purple, berry shade. It was such a beautiful colour; I wanted it in a lipstick!

I enjoyed this bath bomb so much, so cue the photos!


I’m sorry, that is a lot of photos, but I was struggling to reduce how many to include in the post. People like photos though, right? It’s so hard not to include lots of photos when a LUSH bath bomb post is in the works!

Another aspect I loved about this bath bomb was that it made my skin feel so wonderful and soft; I didn’t want to get out of the bath! Also, as the bath bomb fizzes, it does slow down, so it’s perfect for when you want a long and relaxing bath.

I definitely intend to purchase this bath bomb many more times while it is still in LUSH stores; I’ll have to stock up before it’s gone!


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7 thoughts on “LUSH: Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb.

  1. ashleestuart says:

    I absolutely love Lord of Misrule. I buy as many as I can before they disappear again haha. It makes me feel very “in the season” as well. Plus, that smell is intoxicating! I use the shower cream year round whenever I run out of the bath bombs. I am definitely going to continuously stock up this year though! Great pictures!

    Ashlee Liz

    Liked by 1 person

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