LUSH: Boo Bath Melt.


I hope you’re all enjoying blogtober thus far and are getting excited for Halloween because today’s post is Halloween themed! As you will all know by now, LUSH launched their Halloween range almost two weeks ago. I have already done a post on the Autumn Leaf bath bomb, so today I thought I would write about another product from the collection and one that isn’t a bath bomb.

I do not have a lot of experience with bath melts, but when I went into LUSH I couldn’t resist picking up this little guy, this little ghost just looks so adorable. Also, due to my lack of experience with bath melts, I was excited to give this product a go. So, this is Boo.


When I plopped this guy into the bath he immediately sunk. I had expected it to float like previous bath melts I had used, but to be honest, my main disappointment here was that it didn’t enable me to take many good photos.

Whilst submerged underwater, the ghost’s eyes and mouth began to bleed; black was streaming out. I actually ended up really liking this because it just made the product seem more ghostly and sinister, more Halloween-esque.


The product melted well in the bath and released its oils which felt so lovely on my skin and moisturising. Despite being wary of this product at first, I am so pleased that I bought it because I’ve ended up really liking it.

Have you tried Boo?


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