Authors I Want To Read More Of.

We all have authors we love to read books by, but unfortunately the books they have written is limited. Because of this, it’s always exciting to hear when an author is in the midst of writing a new book, whether this be a new standalone or a sequel in a series. It’s also exciting when you discover a new author, only they don’t have many books since they’re new, but you still want to read more. Today I am going to share with you all four authors whose books I have previously enjoyed and as a result would be interested in reading more books from were they to write more.

the night circusIt is tough to know where to start, but I have decided to go with an author whose book I read approximately a year ago now and I still love it a year later. This is the author of The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern.

I absolutely adored The Night Circus; I loved the writing style and the magic, it was so creative. Unfortunately though, this is Morgenstern’s only novel. I’m just itching for another remarkable piece by this author, no matter the form it may come in.

I do have a review for The Night Circus, which you can check out here.

perksThe second author I want to read more of is Stephen Chbosky who is well known for The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Chbosky is a screenwriter, but I would love to read more novels by him after thoroughly enjoying The Perks of Being a Wallflower, one of my favourite books which I have read many times. In fact, he even wrote and directed the film adaptation, so no wonder it’s such a loved movie too!

I really enjoyed Chbosky’s writing style and characters in this novel, so I would definitely be keen to read some more of his work if anything was released.

You can click here for my review on The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Gone GirlGillian Flynn is the author of three novels and one short story. Despite all these stories being dark and somewhat disturbing, I have greatly enjoyed them and would relish the opportunity to read more of her writing.

Flynn’s stories are full of mystery and crime; they’re thrilling and always take an interesting and surprising turn and I always find myself enjoying them no matter how dark they get and how much I may dislike certain characters.

I have read all of her books, but unfortunately don’t have all of them reviewed. Those I have reviewed though, you can find here:

the sistersAnother thriller writer I would love to read more from is Claire Douglas. Last year I read her novel, The Sisters, and bar The Night Circus, it was one of my favourite books of the year.

The Sisters had a compelling storyline with a twisted plot and twisted characters. However, with The Sisters being published only a year ago and it being her debut novel, Douglas obviously won’t have a lot of books on the shelves. I was then pleasantly surprised when I decided to double check when writing this post to see if anything had changed and it turns out that a month ago Douglas’ second novel was published! I shall definitely be buying this new book at the earliest opportunity.

If you are interested in reading a review of The Sisters, you can find one here.

So, here are four authors who I am eager to read more books by. Most of these authors have either only one published novel, or I’ve just read all of their work (expect the instance where I didn’t realise something had been released).

Do you have any authors you would love to read more stuff by? Who?


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3 thoughts on “Authors I Want To Read More Of.

  1. sittingintheclouds says:

    Really want to read more of Marie Lu and Matthew Quick. Silver linings is one of my fav contemporaries and I have yet to read more of his work. I read Marie’s legend trilogy at the beginning of 2016 and I’m itching to read more of her work! Great post 🙂

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