Full Face Of: Soap and Glory.

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With so many brands to choose from and a diverse range of products within each brand it is difficult to try everything, and sometimes remember what you have and haven’t tried and what you did and didn’t like. So,  I have decided to start a new feature on this blog, Full Face Of ___ in which I focus on a specific brand and explore a selection of their makeup. I haven’t yet decided on how frequently I am going to do these posts, possibly monthly, or every other month.

For this first post I have decided to test out some Soap and Glory makeup. I have wanted to venture into this brand for a while and earlier this year I found two products by this brand which I fell in love with. As a result of this, I have been keen to try out more of their products.

Before I launch into the products, I thought I should mention that while I am only writing about Soap and Glory makeup, I do have a few makeup elements missing. Originally, I was going to buy plenty of their makeup to cover all the bases, but then I realised that some of the products I would likely never wear again no matter how good they were, e.g. blusher, and some I had no interest in because I already own several types of it from different brands e.g. foundation and eyeshadow. Nonetheless, I have six Soap and Glory products to share with you all and my thoughts on them.

Kick Ass Concealer:


This is a three-piece concealer set including an under eye concealer, a face concealer and a concealer setting powder.

I really like the under eye concealer; it has great coverage and is thick enough so that it doesn’t immediately crease under my eyes like most concealers do. This concealer is more salmon coloured, making it perfect for counteracting darkness and appears very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which so many people adore, myself included. The shades of each concealer that I own are extremely similar and cover my under eye area very well; I tested these alongside each other around my eyes and they appear pretty much identical, you can’t tell that I am wearing two different concealers. The only noticeable difference I have found is that the Soap and Glory concealer did crease sooner if you don’t set it with powder, but otherwise it lasts really well throughout the day.


On the other hand, I wasn’t as impressed with the face concealer and the powder. With the concealer, I didn’t like the way it sat on my skin because while it covered any imperfections, it also emphasised some dry spots, especially on my chin. Also, I’m not entirely sure on the powder in this set because it’s very pale and it was difficult to get much on my brush, so it doesn’t seem as though I got enough on my face

Solar Powder Bronzer:


I have heard lots of praise from other bloggers when it comes to this bronzer, so I was looking forward to finally trying this out for myself. The pan is split in two with a darker bronzer and a lighter shade, though when using this I just swirled both colours together on my brush. In the centre of the pan there is also a slightly raised S&G which is slightly shimmery, though with use this does fade to the colour of the rest of the pan.

The left shade, the darker one, is matte. It is quite warm, but it isn’t orange either which is perfect for creating a more natural look without any fear of turning orange, and the lighter shade on the right is more of a tan shade with a subtle shimmer running through it, although it is very slight that it is almost a matte powder too.


I am not sure I am particularly fond of this product. My brush can pick up the powder well, but when it comes it applying it onto my skin, I feel that there isn’t a lot of pigment there, or that it’s too light for my skin tone and as a result it doesn’t show up very well. This bronzer can give you a really nice bronzed look, but I’ve found that to achieve this I need to work a bit more than usual at getting the powder on a brush, even when just using the darker shade. However, I really liked the mirror that comes in the compact with this product

Archery Brow Pencil:


I used to use the same eyebrow pencil for years. I didn’t have much care for my brows back then and I didn’t know much else, so I just stuck to the first eyebrow pencil I ever tried and I never thought to have a look at other pencils. I suppose this is partly due to a slight disregard for my eyebrows and also due to the fact that I did like the eyebrow pencil I was using. However, if you never try anything else then it makes it difficult to know if there is anything out there that is better suited for you.

Earlier this year I discovered the Archery Brow Pencil and I have loved it ever since; I’ve now repurchased it twice since then. On one end of the product is the pencil which you twist up, you don’t have to sharpen it, and on the other side is a spoolie so that you can comb through your brows in order to get them in the desired shape and blend out the pencil. I love this pencil, it is so quick and easy to use and stays in place all day long. Also, if you make an error when applying it, it is easy to correct.

My only problem with this product is the shade range. Every time I repurchase this the shades seem to change. The first time there were only two shades, a blonde and brunette one, so as you can tell, it’s not a great range of shades. Obviously, I went for the brunette, and while this was a little too light a shade for me, I was able to make it work. Next time I bought it, another shade had been added to the range, another brunette and this was perfect for me. However, it still isn’t a wide range of shades which is somewhat disappointing, especially when the product itself is really good

Supercat Eyeliner:


If you have  been following this blog since probably the beginning of this year, you will have seen this eyeliner cropping up everywhere. I absolutely love this liquid eyeliner pen. Out of those that I have tried this is by far my favourite. The felt tip is slightly thicker than others I have used, but it still manages to make applying eyeliner really quick and easy and it is perfect when you are doing winged eyeliner.

Not only this, but the product lasts really well on the lids and comes out really black. As the product gets old, the wear time does shorten and the product becomes more liable to smudging and creasing on the eyes, but it does take a while to get to that point too. The felt tip lasts a long time before it eventually dries out which is really good, especially when it only costs £6.

Thick and Fast Mascara:


img_1052When opening this mascara I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like it because of the wand. I tend to like small wands with plastic bristles and if it’s curved then even better. The Thick and Fast mascara wand isn’t as big as others I have used, so it wasn’t too daunting and I actually ended up really liking this mascara. The mascara gave my lashes wonderful length and volume and builds up really well.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick:


While I do love lipsticks, I only own one by Soap and Glory and I absolutely love it. The shade I own is Super Nude. This is a matte lipstick and reminds me a bit of MAC lipsticks because it has a gorgeous vanilla scent which makes it a pleasure to wear. As I said, this is a matte lipstick, but I don’t find it to be at all drying and it does have great staying power too. Super Nude is a lovely nude lipstick. It’s very warm with an slight orange undertone. It feels lovely and smooth to apply and remains that way throughout the day.


Overall, I really like a lot of Soap and Glory beauty products. While I do not think I will continue to use all of them, I am really happy with the majority of the products. In terms of the concealer, I love the under eye part, so I will continue to get use out of that, but I do doubt I will use the rest of the kit. Unfortunately, I cannot see myself using the bronzer, so I may give this to a friend. However, the rest of the products are ones I have either loved for a long time now, or were impressed by so those will definitely be sticking around in my makeup bag.

What have your experiences with Soap and Glory makeup been like?

Do you have any products by the brand that you would recommend?


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15 thoughts on “Full Face Of: Soap and Glory.

  1. Carina's beauty says:

    I love the concept of this post. I wish Soap & Glory were available where I live, because they seem to have some amazing products from what I’ve heard! xx

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