Summer Empties.

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Over the summer I used up a lot of products, so this is going to be a mega empties post full of beauty, skincare, body care and also haircare. I am going to try not to ramble too much and keep things brief to prevent this post from being any longer than it needs to be, so let’s dive straight into my big pile of empties.


Summer Empties beauty.jpg

  • NARS Audacious mascara; I really liked this mascara, it did a great job of lengthening and volumising my lashes, but I didn’t enjoy using it because the wand was so big, so I wouldn’t repurchase this.
  • Maybelline Lashing Sensational waterproof mascara; the original is a favourite of many and I really like it too and I liked the waterproof version for over the summer months. I would definitely buy this again, both the original and waterproof.
  • Clinique High Impact mascara (sample); I found this mascara okay, but it’s not one I would purchase.
  • Maybelline Babylips Electro in Strike a Rose; this isn’t actually an empty, but I’m getting rid of it anyway, so thought I would include it. This is a lip balm with a floral scent, it’s also tinted too, but I don’t really like wearing it. I don’t find it particularly hydrating and if I want colour on my lips, I would much rather opt for a lipstick.
  • Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser (sample); I absolutely loved this tinted moisturiser, it was perfect for work days to both moisturise my skin and give me a little bit of coverage. Unfortunately, the full size tube is pretty expensive at £48 though, so I cannot see myself repurchasing this.
  • Miss Sporty Studio Lash the Miaoww Look eyeliner; this eyeliner was okay. I really like the thin tip which allows you to create a thinner line, however I did find it dried out kind of quickly, at least compared to the Supercat liner…
  • Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner; this is my favourite eyeliner. It lasts well on the eyes, the pen itself lasts well and doesn’t dry out for a long time and it is ever so simple to use. I have repurchased this since finishing it and I have bought a load of backups, hehe.
  • Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil in Brownie Points and Hot Chocolate; I love the eyebrow pencil as it is so easy to use and has both a pencil and a brush. Both shades I tried are brunette, but I think Brownie Points is slightly lighter and more warmer toned. Since finishing both of these I have repurchased it in the shade Dark Chocolate, which I think is supposed to be Hot Chocolate, just with a slight change to the name.
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Bare It All; I used to really like these nail polishes, but since I have gotten into Barry M and Essie and now I intend to use up all my Maybelline polishes to make room for the others, so I will not be repurchasing this.



  • LUSH BB Seaweed, Cosmetic Warrior and Love Lettuce Face Masks; I have written individual, more in-depth reviews on these face masks which I have attached links to. Overall, I don’t really have a standout mask out of these, but if I had to pick one to repurchase, I think it might be Cosmetic Warrior.
  • Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream; I really liked this night cream and would definitely repurchase it in the future. I found it to be incredibly hydrating and a little goes a long way.



  • Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Butter and Body Polish; over the summer I went a bit crazy with everything orange scented and I love the scent of these two products. The body butter I honestly didn’t think was anything special, but I did really enjoy the body polish for exfoliating  my skin. Saying this, I have found many scrubs I have enjoyed more, so I wouldn’t repurchase either of these items.



  • Batsiste Stylist Texturizing Spray; I wasn’t very impressed by this texturising spray as to get the effect I was after I had to use a lot  of. Also, the spray allows you to keep spraying for however long you like which means it’s easy to use a lot.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo; I have used Batiste dry shampoo before and really liked it, but of course if you have dark hair then it can be a slight nuisance. As a result I decided to purchase the formula for dark hair and unfortunately, it didn’t leave me very impressed. If you spray it on your hair then go to bed you can end up getting the product on your pillows and it can also be difficult not to end up with brown marks over your forehead when spraying it. While it still works as a dry shampoo, it is actually a bigger nuisance than the original formula, so while I will still buy their dry shampoo, I won’t be repurchasing this one.

So that is a grand total of eighteen empties! I’ve definitely gotten through a lot this summer, especially considering this is my second empties of the season as I also did a Skincare Empties. Clearly, I have had the most successes with makeup this time around, but I suppose that if you don’t try other things you’ll never know if there’s something better or not, so while I may not have loved everything, I still found a few products I really love.

Have you tried any of these products?

Would you repurchase them?


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