LUSH: Love Lettuce Face Mask.


The penultimate face mask! Can you believe that after this mask I only have one left by LUSH to try and then I’ll have tried and reviewed all of them? This means that the LUSH face mask reviews are almost over and therefore I will soon be on the hunt for LUSH products to review next, so if you do have any recommendations, or any products you’re interested in, but would like to hear more about before you take the plunge and buy it, let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, I have two more face mask reviews for you guys, one, of course, being this one, Love Lettuce.


Effective, exfoliating face mask to give normal to oily skin a radiant glow. With polishing almond shells, softening almond oil, soothing lavender oil and the magical tightening action of Fullers Earth.

I quite liked this face mask. I probably wouldn’t consider it to be one of my favourites, but it’s definitely not my least favourite either. Since I have used a lot of their masks now, I would consider this to be most alike to Brazened Honey with its rough, exfoliating texture. This made my skin feel so smooth and soft and exfoliating face masks are definitely favoured by me over more creamy and smooth textures.

However, as much as I enjoyed this aspect of the face mask, I did’t find it to overall be as effective as Brazened Honey was on my skin. While I do not believe that Love Lettuce caused any of my breakouts during the time I used this, I could tell that it wasn’t doing anything to help them either. Meanwhile, with Brazened Honey I experienced no breakouts whatsoever.

As a result of this, this face mask also reminds me a bit of Ayesha and BB Seaweed in that I do not feel like it made a lot of difference to my skin. The mask may have made my skin feel nice, but when LUSH have lots of other masks which do the same thing and more to benefit my skin, it’s a no brainer.

Overall, this isn’t a bad face mask, in my opinion it’s just not a great one either when compared to the likes of Brazened Honey and Mask of Magnaminty. This may be one I repurchase every now and then in the future, but there are others I would turn to more.

Have you tried Love Lettuce? If so, did you like it?


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