Summer to Autumn Nails.

We’re currently in the transitional stage between summer and autumn, so when I went to get my nails done last week I opted for some nails which would reflect that. As eager as I am for autumn and to be able to justify buying lovely jumpers and scarves, I can’t hide that I’ll miss the warmer weather. Of course, living in the UK, the weather is nothing to brag about, but we have still had a handful of really nice, sunny days here and there.

For my nails I kept things very warm with some orange and gold shades and while the orange is quite bright, it is slightly on the darker side of the orange spectrum, therefore making it appropriate as we move into autumn. I was also eager to go for a more orange set of nails because a) I kept things quite void of colour last time and b) orange is a shade I very rarely reach for in almost all aspects of my life. I do love orange, but it’s not a colour that crops up a lot and when it does, it’s often very vibrant.


It’s not visible in the photo, but other than the orange’s suitability for autumn, I also love that it has some subtle flecks of gold glitter in it which you can really notice in the light. This just gives the nails a bit more of that summery kind of feeling, enabling us to hang onto it for just a bit longer.

As you have all probably gathered the past few months, whenever I get gel overlays done, I can never resist the lure of glitter. This time I went for gold because it felt rather summery and and autumnal; originally I had considered a copper glitter which I had fallen in love with a few weeks ago, but the orange made the copper look really pink. As a result we went for the gold and I am really glad we did, plus it goes nicely with the gold, triangular studs.


Obviously, the most exciting part of this design is the middle finger and thumb nails. At least, they’re the most exciting and interesting  for me. This design was created using foil and I absolutely love it. Due to it requiring foil, I opted for a black base to make it pop a bit more, plus we’re approaching the  darker months now, so I’m edging my way into darker nails. I chose some shades of red, orange, yellow and a purple/indigo for the foil to go on my nails. These colours felt perfect for fall and in areas resembled some of the colours the leaves will be turning in the months to come.

Out of all of the foil my favourite is probably the nail below and I especially love the orange-red and orange-yellow shades for this time of year.


So those are my current nails, and will be for the next couple weeks! I love this design so much and am already dreading the day that this set of nails will have to be removed.  However, after these nails I have given myself a little break between appointments so that I can create some special Halloween designs for this year; is it too early to be excited? I don’t care, I’m excited. In fact, I have just been online shopping for Halloween movies and a couple of themed  items of clothing!

If you, like me, are excited for Halloween too, you can have a look at last year’s Halloween designs here.


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