Cotswold Wildlife Park & GRWM.

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Earlier this week I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park to celebrate one of my best friends’ birthday. Since I took the day off from work to do this, it meant that I had the morning to take my time getting ready and I could put a bit more effort into my hair and makeup than I usually would during the week. Because of this, I decided that I would film it and make it a Get Ready With Me.

Film it?! you may gasp, but yes, I did film it. I haven’t uploaded to my Youtube channel for approximately two months now. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for creating videos over that time and I found it really difficult to make time for them around work. While I am still struggling to fit even blogging in around my work hours, filming shall hopefully be a bit easier now because my brother recently moved out, so I’ll feel less self-conscious when I’m at home talking to the camera.

I am aware that not all of my readers are interested in makeup, so have no fear, I hope that you will still enjoy this post because the second half of this post is all about Cotswold and will feature plenty of photos of animals.

However, first up is my video! Please do enjoy and if you are interested in any of the products or tools I have used throughout this video then all the details are in the description – this post would be super-long if I included everything here. Also, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you like it and feel free to subscribe if you haven’t done so already!

I know it might be a bit much make up for someone going to Cotswold for the day, but I justified doing it because it’s for my friend’s birthday, I don’t get to go all out with my makeup during the week anymore and, well, I just love makeup.

While at Cotswold Wildlife Park I took plenty of photos. Altogether there were 214, plus I had been snap chatting all day so there will be more saved on my phone. Because I thought over 200 was more than enough to choose from, I just selected photos from my camera to share with you all and let me tell you, it was very difficult reducing 214 down to a more sensible number.

Getting photos of the lions proved very difficult, but you can see the mother above partially with her three cubs. I also absolutely love my photos of the wolf (this is a different one to the photo at the very top of this post). The first time I saw him he was lying down with his eyes open, next moment they were closed and he had gone to sleep. The donkeys were so cute too and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the robin when it flew down.

I adore red pandas and fortunately one woke up from its sleep enabling me to get some wonderful photos and I just couldn’t pick a favourite.

I know this post has been very long and very full of photos, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

What is your favourite animal?


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