LUSH: Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask.


I feel like I really flew through this face mask and before I knew it, it was all gone. I think this is because I really like it, but at the same time I couldn’t wait for it to come to an end… you’ll see why if you keep reading.

From the first use of this face mask this product was incredible at clearing up my breakouts. This is very likely the most effective and fastest acting face mask out of all those LUSH have to offer when it comes to dealing with breakouts; it really impressed me and definitely does as it says on the lid.


This gentle face mask combat spots and soothes troubled skins. With antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree essential oil, deep cleansing kaolin and antibacterial honey. Use it to banish breakouts.

However, also clear from the first use of this product was the horrible smell. I know this shouldn’t affect me and put me off the product so much, but I really couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t wait to wash the face mask off and spent most of the ten minutes it was on trying to hold my breath. The face mask has a rather strong scent, like raw eggs and garlic and I found this really unpleasant and didn’t make using the face mask a great experience. Fortunately though, once washed off the scent didn’t seem to linger.

Saying that, since my first use of this face mask, the smell has been getting easier and easier to tolerate. I put a pretty thin layer of it on my face, though I apply more on areas if I’m suffering with breakouts. Because of this, after a week I didn’t mind using it so much and began to enjoy using the face mask a lot more.

Ignoring the scent, the only other disappointment with this product is that it didn’t make my skin feel as lovely and soft as all the previous LUSH face masks I have used.

Overall, this face mask is very effective at treating breakouts. I often found that after using it for the first time on a new breakout, my skin looking considerably better and by the second day it would almost be fully gone. As a result, I definitely recommend this product, even if you find the scent unpleasant at first.

If you would like to read about more of my LUSH face mask reviews you can find them here (I’ve almost tried them all now).

What do you think of Cosmetic Warrior?


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