Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist #2.

Approximately one year ago I created an Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist. Looking back on that wishlist a year later I realise that some of those palettes I do not even want anymore and one of them I in fact now own, therefore it is due an update.

In the past twelve months new palettes have been created and discovered and while my own collection has grown considerably this past year, I am always keen to make room for more beautiful palettes. Similar to the original post, I am going to share my five most wanted eyeshadow palettes and again it will be in no particular order.

abh-modern-renaissanceAnastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, £41.

The latest palette by ABH is beautiful, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve seen lots of bloggers with this and all the stunning looks they’ve created using it has made me unexpectedly want to own it. It’s unexpected because I am wary of the pink shades. Firstly, it’s definitely not one of my favourite colours. And secondly, how do you wear pink eyeshadow? Especially such bold shades! So, overall, I both really want this palette and am slightly afraid of it, ha!

Pink shades aside, all the shadows in this palette appear so pretty and like shades I’d be able to regularly wear which would certainly make the £41 price tag more justifiable.

naked-ultimate-basicsUrban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics.

Urban Decay tweeted a photo of this palette a little while ago and wow, love at first sight. This palette is to be released later this month and I am going to be getting my hands on it one way or another; I must have it.

It’s so gorgeous and versatile; I’m not sure on the price yet, but Urban Decay products are always worth it in my experience.

I also love the fact that this entire palette is matte. In previous Naked palettes there have only been about 2-4 mattes shades out of twelve, so now it’s great that we’re getting twelve brand new matte eyeshadows and all in one palette. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this palette, for sure.

zoeva-cocoa-blendZoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, £18.

This is an eyeshadow palette I have been lusting after for a long time now and since purchasing a Zoeva palette a couple of months ago and falling in love with the amazing quality of their eyeshadows, I am very interested in buying more of them. Cocoa Blend is definitely top of my list and appears so perfect for autumn.

The Cocoa Blend palette is not only one I’ve been after for a while, but it’s also the most affordable out of all those I am showing you today. I hope this means that getting my hands on at least one of these palettes on this list in the very near future is possible.
Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, £39.

From the original post, this is the only palette that I still am eager to own (except for the UD Naked Smokey which I received last Christmas and therefore already own). Considering a whole year later I still desperately want this palette, perhaps now more than ever, I definitely think that this will be one of my next purchases in terms of high end eyeshadow palettes.

All the neutral shades look so gorgeous in photos and when swatched in store, plus I love that it has purple shades because I love purple eyeshadows. Earlier this year I did buy the Sweet Peach palette by the same brand and I was really impressed with the quality, so I know that I will not be disappointed when I get eventually get my hands on this.

morphe-35oMorphe Brushes 35o Palette, £21.75.

I have never tried Morphe eyeshadows before and after hearing Claire from ClarinaBeauty rave on and on about them for a long time now I am eager to get a hold of one of their stunning eyeshadow palettes. I’ve especially had my eye on the 35O palette which has unfortunately been sold out for a very long time. It’s easy to see why though with it’s incredible range of shades and finishes.

If you fancy hearing more about this palette I definitely recommend checking out Claire’s post which includes swatches and also dupes for some of the shades!

Writing about each of these palettes has made me want them even more and made me realise that I really don’t know which one I want the most. How on earth am I supposed to decide which to buy first?!

Out of my top five, which eyeshadow palette is your favourite?

What eyeshadow palettes are on your wishlist?


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