Products I’m Trying to Finish.

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As someone who is constantly on the look out for new makeup launches and who has an ever-growing makeup collection, I become eager to test them all out. However, I hate having lots of the same types of products on the go at once, especially if they are in fact good products, or products I’ve spent a bit of money on, so in order for me to open my new products, I have to use up my old ones. In today’s post I am going to talk you through a few items I am currently most eager to use up whether this be because I don’t like them, or to simply make room for new ones.

IMG_0545Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:

My opinions on this foundation are constantly shifting. Sometimes I like, sometimes I don’t, I can’t make up my mind about it and that’s why I haven’t properly talked about it on my blog before.

When I suffered with my really dry skin earlier this year, I often found that this foundation would cling to my dry patches an it would just look horrible. However, over the summer I can definitely say I have preferred it a lot more except for one other issue: the poor shade range.

The shade I purchased is too pale for me throughout most of the year and even more so in the summer, so I haven’t been able to use it. What’s worse is that the collection is limited to four shades and the next shade is too dark for me, so I reckon I’m just better off giving this foundation a miss.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer:

A lot of people love this concealer and in my opinion, well, it’s okay. The consistency is very thin which is fine if you don’t want a lot of coverage, but I tend to prefer a combination of higher coverage concealers with low coverage foundations rather than the opposite. On some days, this can be enough for me, but lately, I have much preferred using a concealer like the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay 10 Hour Liquid Concealer which has good coverage and is also brightening.

img_0547NARS Auacious Mascara:

I love everything about this mascara except the wand, which is kind of an important part, right? My problem is that the brush is just so big and even if I didn’t have kind of small eyes I’d feel it was too large. So, while I love the effect of it on my lashes, I don’t feel overly comfortable applying this mascara and therefore cannot wait to be finished with it.

Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm:

I used to love wearing lip balms and wore them a lot before I got into wearing lipstick and now I just don’t wear it, simple as that. However, I also hate the idea of throwing it away, so I would like to try and use it up.

Seventeen Nail Colour and Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish:

img_0549I have shoved these two together because I want to finish these products for the same reason: I have lots of nail polishes from these ranges, but there are brands with nail polish which I love more. My aim at the moment is to use up all of my nail polishes by these two brands so that the majority of my nail polish collection is Essie and Barry M.

I did do a post on my Nail Polish Collection sometime last year and while it has grown, I do still have a lot of the same nail polishes so you can check that out here.


Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Butter:

I recently used up my body polish of the same range, so it’s made me eager to finish up this matching tub of body butter so that I can basically move onto another scent. I’ll be honest, I am starting to get a bit tired of orange scents now after going a bit overboard this summer.

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream:

I’m trying to finish this product because I am terrible at remembering to use it and because I’m always forgetting, I’m getting tired of looking at it. Perhaps I should give it to my mum, she likes eye creams…

Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream:

I love this product, but I also fairly recently purchased LUSH‘s Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. I wrote a post comparing these two products here and in my opinion, LUSH came out the winner. As a result of this, I want to use this up so that I can enjoy the LUSH alternative properly and not have two really similar products on the go at once. Plus, I have had the Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream in my possession longer, so it makes sense that I should use that one up first.

These are a handful of products that I am currently most eager to use up. Have you tried any of those I’ve included? How did you get on with them?

Do you have any products you can’t wait to finish?


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7 thoughts on “Products I’m Trying to Finish.

  1. Chanelle says:

    I know what you mean about certain products, they do their job but they take forever to become empty and they’re not holy grail enough to warrant a repurchase. Looking forward to reading about all the new replacements for these 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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