hpatcosWelcome to Day Two of Potter Week! 

If you missed Day One with the introduction to Potter Week and what it is you can find that here.

If you’re up to date, then let’s jump straight into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and exactly what I loved throughout this book.

Favourite character:

Dobby, of course.

Who didn’t fall in love with Dobby in this book? He may be a house-elf, but he is one of the sweetest and most adorable characters of the whole series and while he may not necessarily always make the best decisions, he does have good intentions.

“Dobby never meant to kill. He only meant to maim, or seriously injure.”

Favourite scene:

There are so many great scenes including the adventures in the flying car at the beginning of this novel and Ron defending Hermione when Draco calls her a mudblood.

Favourite trio moment:

I don’t know whether or not to include the above as my favourite trio moment or not. On one hand, Harry was present, but on the other hand, it was more about Ron and Hermione. So, instead I am torn between when they make polyjuice potion and at the end of the movie where Hermione returns after having been petrified and they all have a lovely and really cute moment because they’re pleased she’s back.

030Favourite object:

The Weasley’s flying car.

I would definitely learn to drive a lot sooner if a flying car was an option (especially if I was the only one with one).

Favourite spell:


This is my favourite spell because I love the scene in the movie where during the duelling club Harry uses this spell on Draco and he lands on his bottom at Snape’s feet looking like a little boy who’s done wrong; I found it funny.

Favourite creature:

Fawkes the Phoenix.

Fawkes is so pretty and I love the the part in the movie where he heals Harry, it’s so sweet and when he’s flying them all out of the Chamber of Secrets.

Favourite quote:

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

What are your favourite parts of Chamber of Secrets?


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