hpatpsI have an exciting week ahead for all you Harry Potter fans because I am officially declaring this week Potter Week on driftinglexi! This is something I was actually tagged to do a little over a month ago by Shivalika over at Whimsy Journals, but I held off responding until this week. This is because this week it is the 1st September, and therefore it seemed appropriate with that being the day everyone returns to Hogwarts.

Potter Week is a tag where you go through each of the Harry Potter books each day of the week and discuss some of your favourite things about each book. Obviously, this works out well because there are seven days and seven Harry Potter books.

So, let’s kick off Day One with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

Favourite character:


It’s impossible not to love Hagrid; he introduces Harry to the Wizarding World and he’s sweet and wonderful and the Philosopher’s Stone is just the beginning of Harry’s wonderful friendship with Hagrid.

Favourite scene:

This is such a tricky one! How does a person pick one favourite scene? I love the scene where Harry finds out he’s a wizard, but I also love Diagon Alley. However, in terms of the movie, my favourite would have to be the first glimpse of Hogwarts.

Favourite trio moment:

Troll Fight; I mean, how can it not be?

Favourite object:

Harry’s invisibility cloak.

I’ve always loved the invisibility cloak and not only is it incredibly useful in Harry, Ron and Hermione’s adventures, but it would also be something incredibly cool to have yourself, haha.

Favourite spell:

Harry Potter IllustratedPetrificus totalus.

I love Hermione’s knowledge of spells and just magic in general and I love the scene where she uses the spell on Neville. I mean, poor Neville, but I love it in the movie where Ron’s like you’re a bit scary sometimes, you know.

Favourite creature:

Norbert(a) A.K.A the dragon. I remember reading the book and being like, this is such a bad idea as having a dragon around can never really go well (hey, even the Mother of Dragons faced some difficulties), but at the same time it was so sweet seeing Hagrid and how much he cared about his baby dragon, despite her basically trying to burn down his hut.

Favourite quote:

Ooh, another very tricky one. In fact, even if you just asked for my favourite Dumbledore quote from this book I would struggle! Since I want to pick something different to what Shivalika chose, I have chosen…

“To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

Those are some of my favourite things about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. What are yours? Feel free to let me know in the comments below, or even create your own post; whichever way you do it, I would love to read your responses!

Make sure you check back here tomorrow for Day Two!

In the meantime, if you fancy reading more Harry Potter blog posts, you can find some here.


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