LUSH: BB Seaweed Face Mask.


It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last LUSH face mask review, but I seem to be flying through them rather quickly now. BB Seaweed is only the latest of those I’ve reviewed, so definitely make sure you check out the other reviews if face masks and/or LUSH products interest you.

BB Seaweed is one of those face masks offered by LUSH that you don’t seem to hear very much about. As a result, it only made me more intrigued and after my curiosity with Ayesha leading to slight disappointment, I was eager to find another face mask that would impress me. So, was I successful…?


Relaxing, reviving, mineral rich mask to cleanse, soften and beautify. Fresh nutritious seaweed, cleansing kaolin, antiseptic honey, calming aloe vera and rose absolute makes this a great mask for everyone.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that this face mask impressed me, but I did still really enjoy it. It has a lovely smooth texture which is easy to apply and remove, despite the pieces of seaweed that surprisingly, didn’t bother me like I had expected them to. The face mask maintained the current quality of my skin and helped it stay hydrated and leaving it feeling soft after use (although not as soft as other LUSH face masks have made my skin feel).

I do not feel that this mask improved my skin in any way, though it definitely wasn’t of any disadvantage to it either. I may have noticed less of a difference because my skin was already in rather good condition, or perhaps it just isn’t the most effective face mask on me? Similar to Ayesha I think this is a face mask I will have to consider testing out again in the future because it might just depend on your skin type. While my skin is still typically dry, I have found ways of keeping it successfully moisturised lately so that it hasn’t been a problem, so maybe when my skin gets a bit dryer in the winter I’ll have to try this again.

Have you tried the BB Seaweed Face Mask? How did you find it?


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