Summer Nail Favourites.

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Recently, I haven’t been the most creative when it comes to my nails. I’ve either been lazy and simply done them a single colour, or I’ve been really lazy and had a professional do them for me so that I don’t have to touch them for three weeks. Since gels do dry out your nails, every now and then I do my own nails to give them time to heal and rest, but I still cannot have bare nails. So, today I am going to show you my go to summer nail polishes during these times.

Essie Watermelon:

I adore Essie nail polishes and this year my collection of them is really growing. My current aim is to use up most of my nail polishes and only have Essie and Barry M ones left, although this is increasingly difficult when those are the brands I use most on my nails.

Watermelon is a perfect summer shade, you can probably tell from it’s name alone. I must admit the name is what attracted me to this particular nail polish. This is a dark, but bright, warm toned shade of pink (swatch at the end of this post). I am not a big fan of pink, anyone can tell you that, but this just reminds me so much of summer that it doesn’t bother me so much.

Barry M Carousel:

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition nail polish from a couple of years ago, but I decided to mention it because it is one I have worn plenty of lately.

Carousel is a warm and bright orange nail polish with a bit of a pink undertone. To make it even more summer appropriate, it has subtle flecks of gold glitter in it which sparkle in the sunshine.

Barry M Carousel.jpg

Barry M Guava:

Very different to the previous shades is Guava, but it is certainly one of my overall favourites. This is a gorgeous, bright shade of teal and it is a colour I am certainly loving a lot at the moment, I’m just obsessed with it. I recently bought a Fitbit and of course the strap is in teal too!

Seventeen Emerald Tropics:

Sticking with colourful shades of green we have Emerald Tropics. This is a lovely shade of green to wear all year round, although it is probably more suited to summer than any other season. This is one of Seventeen’s Gel Colour nail polishes too and I absolutely love the formula of it as I find that this nail polish lasts really well and for so long on my nails.

Essie Off Tropic:

Off Tropic is another shade of green; however this time it’s a dark one. I have been searching for the perfect dark green nail polish for ages, greens are so hard to get right. So, despite it being summer, when I saw this shade I knew that I had to have it and I couldn’t resist wearing it earlier this summer. It’s nice to mix things up every now and then, right?

Summer Nail Favourites swatched.jpg

L-R: Watermelon, Guava, Emerald Tropics, Off Tropic.

What are your favourite nail polishes to wear in the summer?


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