LUSH: King of Skin Body Butter Crown.

king of skin body butter crown.jpg

Welcome to Day Six of LUSH Week!

The sixth product by LUSH that I am showing you this week is their King of Skin Body Butter Crown. This is a body butter, but in a solid form rather than a thick body lotion and you use it in the bath/shower, then wash it off. Apparently, a common mistake people make with this particular product is not washing it off.


This product seriously impressed me. After the first use I had never found my skin to feel so incredibly soft and moisturised. This is definitely a firm favourite of mine now and it is definitely the best body butter I have ever used.

The product doesn’t smell of much, but it’s still pleasant and it means it goes well with whatever shower gels or bath bombs you may already be using. I use this product every couple of days and every time I do I cannot get over how wonderful my skin feels.

I don’t have much more to say other than the fact it is fantastic and amazing and brilliant; I cannot praise it high enough. I shall definitely be purchasing this product over and over again in the future.

Have you ever tried their King of Skin Body Butter Crown? What did you think?

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