LUSH: Brightside Bubble Bar.


Welcome to Day Four of LUSH Week!

I cannot believe we are over halfway through the week already! Nevermind, let’s not dwell on that, let’s focus on what I have to show you today. The LUSH product of today is the Brightside bubble bar and this is my absolute favourite our of all the bubbles bars LUSH have. Their bubble bars are in close competition with the bath bombs in terms of what I love most about LUSH, but bubble bars are so great to use on a daily basis because you can get so many uses out of just one bar.

Brightside 2There are several reasons I love this bubble bar. Firstly, look at it. I love the colours and they turn your bath a lovely shade of orange. Secondly, the size; it’s one of LUSH‘s larger bubble bars so you get a lot for what you pay for. I can usually get about 4-6 baths out of these types of bubble bars. Thirdly, the scent.

I am a massive lover of orange scents, so it’s no wonder I love this orange smelling bubble bar. The smell is so gorgeous and certainly a favourite of mine.

I was actually really pleased earlier this year because LUSH released some more orange scented products including the Modfather bubble bar which was a part of the Father’s Day collection and Lava Lamp. Lava Lamp has been around a while, but it was an Oxford Street exclusive until more recently when it started making its way around other stores.

I definitely hope that LUSH continue to produce orange scented products, whether they’re exclusive ones or not I’ll be happy and eager to buy them.

Have you tried Brightside?

What’s your favourite LUSH bubble bar?

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