LUSH: Skin Drink Facial Moisturiser.


Welcome to Day Two of LUSH Week!

Today we are talking about a product from LUSH‘s skincare range, the Skin Drink facial moisturiser. I do not hear much talk revolving around many of their moisturisers which is a shame because if any of them are as incredible as Skin Drink then everyone is certainly missing out!

If your skin could reach out and grab a drink, this would be the one it would go for. A rich sesame oil cream designed to leave a supple protective layer on the face, without feeling greasy.

Before using this moisturiser my skin was suffering a lot with dryness. Then, after only a few days of using Skin Drink I noticed my skin already becoming more nourished and the condition of it was really improving. If you have dry skin then I really cannot recommend this product enough, plus it’s one of LUSH‘s cheaper moisturisers at £13.95. Furthermore, it counts as one of your five LUSH pots so it can go towards receiving a free fresh face mask (you can get my opinions on those here)!

Another thing I found with this product is that a little really does go a long way. On the LUSH website there is a clip of a woman using this product on the Skin Drink page and to be honest, you probably don’t even need as much as she scoops out to cover your whole face. Only a light layer is really necessary because it is packed with moisture.


For me there was only one downside to this product which sadly, prevents me from repurchasing it: the scent. Smell is entirely subjective, so don’t let this point dissuade you from checking this product out. I personally, did not get on with the smell, but on the other hand, my mum liked it. For me the smell was just really unpleasant and as amazing as the product itself was, part of me hated using it and being exposed to its scent.

Nevertheless, this was a truly amazing product for my skin and as long as the scent isn’t bothersome for you I reckon you’ll love it if you have dry/normal skin.

Have you tried Skin Drink? How did you get on with it?

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