Summery Green Nails.

I’ve had my nails done again! I really haven’t been feeling creative enough lately to paint nail designs myself, but I have been really enjoying creating them in my head and getting my nail technician to do them, especially when she has so many more different shades of colour and glitter available as well as different tools. Furthermore, it’s such a relief having my nails done because I always have gels which last so long and I do not have to worry about them at all!

When I went into the salon today I opted for a bit more colour as I don’t usually go for particularly bright colours, especially on every nail. I already had in my head an idea of what colour scheme I wanted as I have been adoring a certain shade of green lately. As a matter of fact, I’m kind of loving all shades of green at the moment; the colour has really grown on me. The green I am specifically loving is a bit of a minty green with a blue tone to it. I think it’s so gorgeous and so summery, especially with white details. And as always, I can never resist a bit of glitter in one form or another…

Summery green nails.jpg

I love stamps because you can get so much detail on the nail, but I am terrible at doing them myself so it’s definitely a technique I’d rather be used when a nail technician is doing my nails instead of when I’m doing them myself. It took forever to settle on a stamp design because my nail technician had so many, so I went for two to go on different nails.

Summery green nails 2.jpg

So these are my current nails and probably will be for the next three weeks now and as much as I love them I cannot help but already be thinking about how I want my nails next time, haha!

How do you currently have your nails?


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15 thoughts on “Summery Green Nails.

  1. Juliet | Not Capulet says:

    These look gorgeous, the colour is so summery and tropical! I especially love the ombre effect on your ring finger. My nails are currently bitten down to the quick, I’ve been trying to grow them out for ages but with no success 😦

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    • driftinglexi says:

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly! Yes I do love the glitter, I don’t usually have it ombre like that so it’s a lovely change. Aw no! I used to bite my nails and what actually helped me was getting my nails done. I had them done with shellac which lasted two weeks which allowed my nails to start growing out and it’s been uphill since then.

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