Review: On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

on the other sideVery recently, Carrie’s second book was published. Unlike her first book, All I Know Now (review here), this book is a piece of fiction.

On the Other Side is the story of Evie Snow. The novel begins late in her life, in fact, technically not even in her life as she has just passed away. Evie now has to face the secrets she’s kept to herself for over fifty years in order to unburden herself and gain access to her own personal heaven.

Firstly, just look at that front cover; isn’t it gorgeous? The colours work together really well and everything pictured links to something in the story. While reading the book I enjoyed uncovering the significance to each of the objects on the cover and there we also a couple of things on the back cover too.

It is so clear how much Carrie worked on this book from the significance of the objects to Evie’s secrets. She has put so much thought into every aspect of Evie’s life even down to the surnames of each of the characters. Each surname was deliberately chosen to signify the relationship between two characters and how close they were. However, while this was lovely to see, knowing this kind of made some relationships pretty predictable.

I really adored all of the characters. Especially Evie and Vincent and Jim who was so lovely and wonderful. There was a great diverse range of characters and each I enjoyed reading about (even if I wasn’t particularly fond of them).

One problem I did have with this book was the magic aspect of it. I enjoyed the bits of Evie after she had died and when she was trying to access her heaven; it made sense. This part of the story was set after death so what it’s really like is unknowable. As a result, it gives you a lot of freedom to create things and make them believable.

However, the magical bits during Evie’s actual life didn’t make a lot of sense because until they occurred I had thought we were in the “real world”, so then it confused me how things like drawings turning to glass could happen. It just suddenly made everything seem so unrealistic. Because of this, I think that the magical parts should have been explained more because if there’s magic, how does it work?

Overall, I found this book somewhat enjoyable. I liked Carrie’s writing and the whole concept of what happens after you die. Everything was ordered really well, I loved reading parts of Evie’s life when she was with Vincent and the title pages were very pretty. I rate this 3/5 and would recommend it to other Hopefuls, those who enjoy a little bit of fantasy with romance and to anyone looking for a summer read.

Have you read On the Other Side? What were your thoughts?


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