LUSH: Brazened Honey Face Mask.

Brazened Honey 2

I think I first mentioned my desire to try the Brazened Honey face mask several months ago now, so I was so happy to finally get my hands on it and give it a go for myself. I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on it which made me even more eager to use it, though at the same time I couldn’t help but be a little wary. However, my worries were for nothing because I love this face mask.

Brazened Honey aims to revitalise your skin. It is a very rough face mask, the roughest I have ever before tried, which makes it perfect for exfoliating and leaving your skin feeling wonderful and soft.

Brazened Honey

Exfoliating, stimulating and nourishing mask for tired skin. Fresh fruits are blended with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices, ground almonds to polish and moisturising honey. Leaves your skin vibrant and revitalised.

I definitely agree that this mask is exactly as described on the lid. My skin has never felt so amazing; it left my skin incredibly soft and clear and through the entire time I used this mask I never experienced any breakouts. I don’t feel as though my skin has ever been in better condition. Furthermore, despite the texture of the product being rather rough and dry, I was really impressed that I liked it because I was originally worried it would irritate and dry out my already dry skin.

Another thing I liked about this mask is that because of it being exfoliating, it was good to use on other areas of my body, such as my arms. As with my face, they were left feeling so soft and smooth and I was really happy with the results.

One thing you should probably be aware of with this mask though, in case you aren’t already, is that I have heard a few cases where the mask has irritated skin leaving faces hurting, or stinging. As a result of this, I would not recommend this if you do have sensitive skin, but I am not an expert either. First time I used this mask I found it hurt slightly around my nose, but because it was a small area of my face it didn’t worry me too much and ever since that first use it never irritated my skin again. Everyone’s skin is different, this is just something you may want to bear in mind.

Overall, I really enjoyed this face mask and shall definitely be repurchasing this in the future. It has quickly become one of my favourites joining Oatifix, Cupcake and Mask of Magnaminty (click the name to be taken directly to my reviews of each of these face masks).

I am slowly working my way through all of LUSH‘s face masks and Brazened Honey was my sixth. So, if you would like to see more of my LUSH face mask reviews please click here.

How did you get on with this face mask?

Which LUSH face mask do you recommend I try next?


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