Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #KeepTheSecrets.


#KeepTheSecrets; this post will not contain any spoilers for the play. I will give a very brief overview of it and share my thoughts on the play, but I will not be giving anything away.

If you watch my snapchat stories you will have noticed that this time last week I was in London. I briefly touched on this in a post earlier this week since my purpose for being in London was to go and see the new Harry Potter play.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is set nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts. In fact, it picks up right where the epilogue in Deathly Hallows left off. From here we follow Albus Severus Potter as he starts his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he forges new friendships and has adventures of his own.

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As a whole I have to say that I did really enjoy this play. There were a few things I didn’t like, but I just want to make it clear from the start that I did like it.

Part One:

Obviously, going into part one I had no idea what to expect, so I fear I may have been overly critical at parts, but I can’t help it if certain thoughts just fly into my mind. Nevertheless, there was a lot I really enjoyed too. For starters, the entire cast were incredible. All the actors did a wonderful job at playing the characters we all adored in the books; I especially loved the actors who played Harry and Hermione.

However, I am a little conflicted with Ron’s character. I really liked the character and the actor, but he didn’t seem fully like Ron. In fact, when he first came on stage I momentarily mistook him for his father. There were moments in the play when Ron’s behaviour was alike to Arthur’s and while yes, they are related, just because he is his father doesn’t mean that Ron would have grown up to be exactly like him.  Saying this, I did really enjoy the character because he was hilarious. Of course, we also get to meet plenty of new characters in this play. Throughout Part One my favourites were definitely Scorpius and Delphine and I couldn’t help but love Rose too.

One thing I certainly took notice of and greatly enjoyed on the first night were all the effects (this opinion also continued on to the second night). Everything was done so brilliantly; all the props, the timings, magical creatures, the magic. It all looked so good on the stage and you can clearly see that so much effort has gone into it all.

On the other hand, while everything did look amazing I do feel like there were some bits we could have done without. Some scenes could have been cut shorter, and others could have possibly been cut out completely and simplified. Looking back there are still a moment or two that leave me slightly puzzled (though hopefully that’ll clear up when the book is released and I can read the bits I may have missed or just misheard). Nevertheless, it suggests that some bits could have been shortened and with more editing the play may not have needed to be in two parts, something I know many of us weren’t particularly keen on in the first place.

While I may not have been that thrilled it was a two-part play, I was happy with how they dealt with it. The end of part one certainly leaves you wanting more and I was definitely excited to go back the next evening to see what happens next.

Part Two:

Part Two is very consistent with Part One to be completely honest. We see some more magic, we see some more familiar characters and for the most part everything makes sense. My friends and I did have one or two slight issues with the way the plot went, but I’m going to save that for when I have read the book and do a review on that in which I will include spoilers.

Now, anyone who knows me is aware that I love musicals. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not a musical, but the music used in the play made it a bit… musical-esque. I mean, I kept expecting the characters to burst into song at select points! Plus, there was a bit of dancing going on. Saying this, all the choreography worked well as transitions between scenes and I really enjoyed watching it because the dancing wasn’t too eventful, unless it was a more action type of scene, in which case it looked really good and fit well with the play.

Overall, I enjoyed the play and am very much looking forward to the release of the book. I know it’s the same, but I can’t wait to read it so that I can pick up on things that I didn’t catch whilst watching the play.

Have you seen the play?

Are you excited for the book?

I would love to hear about any of your thoughts regarding Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the comments below!

If you love Harry Potter too I have plenty of posts here and as I mentioned, I went to London and have another post from my trip which includes all the lovely things I bought.


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