Collective Haul: London Edition.

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Last week I spent a few days in London with my best friends. The purpose of the trip was to see the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which you will hear more about on this blog later this week, but while we were in London we also did plenty of shopping. It is no secret that London is home to a great many of stores which contain products that are not available so easily in the rest of the UK. Of course, there’s online ordering, but when it comes to makeup you want to test it out in person and when it comes to LUSH Oxford Street exclusives, there’s only one place you can go…



I feel like I could have easily gone wild with beauty purchases, but I was being cautious and as a result bought only one lipstick. I was tempted by MAC, only I have already bought a lipstick from there this month and they’re easier to get a hold of. I was also incredibly tempted by NARS and Illamasqua, only by the time I reached these counters I had already purchased a lipstick from another counter and since my lipstick stash is getting somewhat ridiculous I had to control myself.


The lipstick I went for in the end was of course by Charlotte Tilbury. Finally, right?! I finally bought my first Charlotte Tilbury product! I bought the shade Glastonberry since it seemed the most me shade out of those that were out. So far I have only worn it once, but I absolutely love it. It lasts so well on the lips, if you touch it, it will transfer onto your skin, but it doesn’t onto my glass when having a drink. The lipstick has a wonderful vanilla scent too and comes in some stunning packaging; I don’t think I can bear to throw the box away.

IMG_0381Also, despite this being a matte lipstick, it hasn’t dried out my lips at all. The texture of the lipstick is so soft on the lips and feels creamy when you apply it. I also really liked the bullet of the lipstick; the shape is a bit more square than lipsticks tend to be, but it is still incredibly easy to apply. I shall definitely be purchasing more from this collection and now that I’ve seen the lipsticks in person, I have more of an idea of which ones I want to purchase in the future.

IMG_0382Additionally, I also picked up a couple of samples from Kiehl’s of their Ultra Facial Cream. I have heard lots of good things about this product, so I look forward to trying it out for myself as I was a little wary of buying a whole pot just in case I didn’t like it. Plus, I have so many skincare products at the moment!


Yes, I went to the Disney Store. In my defence, the Disney Store where I live closed down and the one in London was wonderful and magical.


A month ago I visited Disneyland Paris and one thing I slightly regret not getting while I was there was a soft toy. So, on this trip to London I rectified that and ended up buying two. I bought Lady and Tramp, obviously from The Lady and the Tramp. I mean, if you’re going to buy Lady, you kind of have to buy Tramp too.



Time for the big one! I picked up quite a few things from LUSH when I went in, after all, I had a lot of Oxford Street exclusives I needed to buy considering that this was my first visit to this particular store. Whenever I go into LUSH my favourites are bath bombs and bubble bars, so those were certainly my priority; however, I did buy a couple of other items too.

IMG_0385Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb – 

Out of the Oxford Street exclusives this is one I have actually used before and I enjoyed it so much that I was really excited to own it again. As a result of having already tried it before, I do actually have images of it in action:

cyanide pill.jpg

IMG_0390King of Skin Body Butter Crown –

This is a product I’ve had recommended to me on Twitter a while ago and I saw it whilst in LUSH Oxford Street, so decided to pick it up, although I do not think it is exclusive to that store.

I have never used this before but as it’s a body butter it is supposed to be moisturising and I love anything that will make my skin feel soft, so I look forward to trying it out.

IMG_0391Divination Bubble Bar – 

I am not going to lie, I was drawn to this product because it was named Divination and it reminded me of Harry Potter, the whole I reason I was in London in the first place.

Unlike most bubble bars, Divination is on a string. This means that instead of crumbling it under the tap, you can hold it underneath using the string, enabling you to get plenty of uses out of the product, but still creating lots of lovely bubbles.

IMG_0393Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb –

When we were in the store, one of the girls did a demonstration using this bath bomb and while I already knew that I was going to purchase this, the demo has made me even more excited to use it. The LUSH employee also compared this to Intergalactic, so if you loved that bath bomb I’m sure you’ll love this one too.

IMG_0395Cloak of Invisibility Bath Melt – 

Here is another Harry Potter reference, although this product is actually intended to be associated with Harry Potter. Again, with it’s link to Harry Potter I couldn’t resist picking it up.

Also, I have never tried one of their bath melts before, so I definitely look forward to using this and hopefully it’ll lead to me buying more. After all, as much as I love LUSH‘s bath bombs and bubble bars, it is really nice to be branching out to their other products.

IMG_0397Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb –

Another Oxford Street exclusive which I barely even glanced at before picking up and sticking in a bag. I honestly know nothing about this bath bomb, I was just on a hunt for exclusives.

There was actually one exclusive bath bomb I didn’t get and that’s because I’m not particularly fond of the more floral bath bombs.

IMG_0398Grass Bubble Bar – 

This bubble bar seems really similar to the Green Bubbleroon LUSH also sell; it even has the same fresh, grassy scent. As a result, I definitely expect to enjoy this bubble bar.

I know this post has definitely been a long one, but we have finally reached the end. You have now all seen everything I bought while being in London last week!

Are you familiar with any of these products?

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on them!


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10 thoughts on “Collective Haul: London Edition.

  1. lucieleannexo says:

    I had a big haul in LUSH whilst I was in London too. Cyanide Pill is one of my favourites from the Oxford Street exclusives!
    I’ve got my LUSH haul going live on my YouTube channel over the weekend!
    Lucie xo |

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      Haha, it’s hard not to buy loads in that LUSH store! It’s great, isn’t it? The only bath bomb exclusive I have to try now is Guardian of the Forest and I can’t wait, but I also don’t want to get rid of it, haha. I’ll definitely check that out when it goes up then!


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